I was looking on a map of Thailand the other day when I realised I'd never heard of Chachoengsao province, despite the fact that it's right next to Bangkok. Feeling a little foolish, I did a quick Google search and found that it's not a place that really gets written about very much — in […]

Two curious images

This first image I took last night at the Crystal Design Centre, which is kind of like a small city full of wine bars and furniture shops. I don't really want to pass comment on what the sculpter may or may not have been thinking at the time he or she created this piece, but […]

Is Google+ dead?

I had such high hopes for Google+. It could have been something special. It could have stolen a lot of Facebook's thunder. It does a lot of the things Facebook does, but it does them smoother and more efficiently. I really wanted Google+ to be a success, but alas, it just hasn't worked and even […]

First thoughts on

Tout is a new video-based social network on which users posts 15-second videos on whatever they please, kind of like a status update but in video form. Tout first caught my attention when World Wrestling Entertainment started using it heavily. It popped up a few times since then but I didn't really look into the […]