What would you do with S$32,000?

This week I read a story about a swanky bar in Singapore that recently launched a new cocktail that costs a staggering S$32,000. That works out at US$26,000. The bar is called Pangaea and the cocktail has been given the apt name of Jewel of Pangaea. It's Asia's most expensive cocktail and it contains gold-flecked […]

Another new mix

These probably won't become a regular thing, but I like playing about with tracks and putting them into mixes for my own listening pleasure. Recently I've been very much into some elements of dubstep/future garage. You don't really hear this music much in Bangkok. Diggy Ft Victoria – Fall Down Kulakostas – Moreless Floex – […]

Cooking with Matt

It's probably a bit sad to blog about cooking something, but truth be told, any time I get active in the kitchen it's an adventure for me. If there's a culinary equivalent of having two left feet, that's what I have. I'm a terrible cook. But recently I rediscovered my love for yam pla dook […]

New mix

Here's a new mix I knocked up today. It's mostly techy, dubby, deeper sounds. Tech house and dubstep really. Just some stuff I've been listening to recently. These are kind of tunes I'd like to hear more of in Bangkok. Tracklist: U.T.R.B – Pressure Kuedo – Whisper Fate Mujuice – Black River Run Mujuice – […]