Pattaya sex tourist brings Youtube to an all-time low

The Internet is a dangerous resource. It gives anyone with a phone line access to a wealth of technology that can then be used to do the most bizarre things. If you’ve ever been to Pattaya, then you will know that the city attracts its fair share of oddballs. I have been to Pattaya a handful of times and it is what it is. There were a couple of times when I took friends to Pattaya just so they could see how nuts parts of the city are.

Although there is more to Pattaya than prostitution, there are a large number of bar girls working in the city. For those people who try and speak in defense of Pattaya, such words often fall on deaf ears because there are people like Aaron McCreanor making videos about “picking up Thai hoes” and posting them on YouTube, where millions of people can watch them.

No big deal, you might think. But is Aaron McCreanor representative of the typical sort of person whom Pattaya attracts? Watch this video, imaginatively titled “Aaron picking up more Thai hoes in Pattaya Thailand”. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary in it, until halfway through when you see Aaraon mocking a Thai bar girl who is having Aaron’s named tattooed on her left breast. A second girl has “Aaron” tattooed on her back. All this while the lyric “Stupid girl” is repeated.

Aaron names the girls “stupid tattoo girl number one” and “stupid tattoo girl number two”. Take a look:

So what’s the problem? They obviously weren’t dragged kicking and screaming. Perhaps my misguided judgment finds it somehow deplorable that a person would allow someone to have their name tattooed on their body and then call that person stupid.

What are other people’s thoughts on this? Should YouTube even allow this sort of material to be plastered over its channels?

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51 thoughts on “Pattaya sex tourist brings Youtube to an all-time low

  1. To quote Jordan McCreanor "ffs people live a little"

    So this is something funny? You find this hilarious?

    Just to get things straight what you find hilarious is your brother travelling to a Third World country to take advantage of vulnerable women, then to add insult to injury he posts a video mocking them. This is funny? I think you need to look at yourself also, your are both obviously cut from the same cloth, lacking compassion, empathy and common decency.

    Aaaron McCreanor is the sort of person we hear about all the time who are involved in this type of exploitation of vulnerable women.

    If anyone has further information about this type of activity please contact us at

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