Pattaya sex tourist brings Youtube to an all-time low

The Internet is a dangerous resource. It gives anyone with a phone line access to a wealth of technology that can then be used to do the most bizarre things. If you’ve ever been to Pattaya, then you will know that the city attracts its fair share of oddballs. I have been to Pattaya a handful of times and it is what it is. There were a couple of times when I took friends to Pattaya just so they could see how nuts parts of the city are.

Although there is more to Pattaya than prostitution, there are a large number of bar girls working in the city. For those people who try and speak in defense of Pattaya, such words often fall on deaf ears because there are people like Aaron McCreanor making videos about “picking up Thai hoes” and posting them on YouTube, where millions of people can watch them.

No big deal, you might think. But is Aaron McCreanor representative of the typical sort of person whom Pattaya attracts? Watch this video, imaginatively titled “Aaron picking up more Thai hoes in Pattaya Thailand”. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary in it, until halfway through when you see Aaraon mocking a Thai bar girl who is having Aaron’s named tattooed on her left breast. A second girl has “Aaron” tattooed on her back. All this while the lyric “Stupid girl” is repeated.

Aaron names the girls “stupid tattoo girl number one” and “stupid tattoo girl number two”. Take a look:

So what’s the problem? They obviously weren’t dragged kicking and screaming. Perhaps my misguided judgment finds it somehow deplorable that a person would allow someone to have their name tattooed on their body and then call that person stupid.

What are other people’s thoughts on this? Should YouTube even allow this sort of material to be plastered over its channels?

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51 thoughts on “Pattaya sex tourist brings Youtube to an all-time low

  1. He seems like a disgusting person.. an exploiter. What a moron!

    I hate to see those Thai women behaving that way, too. The whole thing is just tawdry.

  2. I wonder if his friends on facebook know this video as well. I know for sure that if I would see one of my friends acting like this, it wouldn't be my friend anymore.

    If you like to have these kinds of power over other people, you're one step away from applying for a job in a place like Dachau or Auschwitz.


    But should YouTube ban this kind of movies? In their Terms of Use they say: "..If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don't post it.". I think Aaron crossed this line.

    You considered flagging this video as inappropriate and let YouTube decide? Cause I don't think they see everything that's posted. I'll join you.

  3. I hate fuckers like Aaron.
    When I speak to anyone about Pattaya or even Thailand people in the west people have a bad image in their head. The reason is probably because of people like Aaron. Aaron and the other men that go their to exploit the beautiful country.
    Thanks to people like Aaron now I feel strange going to Thailand because people will think I am just another creep from another country coming to do what he just did in his youtube video. OR am I wrong?
    Even I being a tourist would wonder about other tourists there because it makes me think what they are really there for.
    I got friends in Thailand though I have never been there. They are so nice.
    Am I supposed to turn a blind eye to these exploiters?
    Obviously I have mixed emotions. Im not even sure what to think of this all…
    I just wish someone could set me straight and I would like to hear from a Thai persons point of view about this.
    Considering I have never been there maybe I should just shut up.

  4. Why even mentioning this Matt ?
    We all know there are tons of dickheads like him. We all know there are other videos and websites dedicated to the go-go bar life, some are even listed in your top 100 blog list.
    Crediting them is acknowledging them.
    With all my friendship, this is not what I'm waiting to read from your blog.

  5. …yes, well it is clear that the guy who made the video is challenged in various ways and has numerous deficits, the underlying questions are:

    1. Why were these girls kicked out of school after 6th grade?

    2. Why is there no Child Support system to help them pay for the expenses of raising their children?

    3. Why is the only real pension system for the parents of these girls the earnings of the girls rather than a realistic state pension?

    4. Why are the Isan Districts so economically undeveloped and the Isan people placed in a difficult and handicapped subgroup position in the overall scheme of things?

    (…there are, of course, many other videos available on the internet which are far more disturbing and morally ambiguous than this video, for instance in the kathoey area…………)

  6. Why mention it? How many videos of girls being made fun of getting tattoos, which are permanent, BTW, have you seen on YouTube? And how many times have you, and other readers, heard the name "Aaron McCreanor"? None. That's why I mention it.

  7. Why mentionn it? Of course Matt should mention it. This kind if thing is sickening, and there are too many streets in thai resorts like this, places I wouldn't show my kids.
    It really degrades the Thai experience, but the worst part of it is the dehumanizing effect of this trade. Matt, you gave me another reason for never going to Pattaya.

  8. Matt,

    This is hardly news or even informative. You live in SinCity and yet have you been down to Walking street, interviewed a select few and worked out if they feel it's wrong or right?

    No offense, but you come across as a journalist but often this blog is more like an extension to Gossip Girl.

    If the kid wants to bang women, who let them get ink'd at the same time, then all for him, because it's an industry that keeps Pattaya going and many MANY people with a roof over their heads.

    As for degrading the "Thai experience", fuck me, what experience is that? A nasty class system that makes most middle-age attempts look democratic? A raging drug distribution hub that is responsible for more smack being sent around Asia than anywhere else in the world, or the swarms of falangs who flock to Thailand to get more pussy than the RSPCA?

  9. Btw, Chris has nailed it on the head…. so many Why's and What's and yet the "Thai Experience" will keep silent on shit like that, as the HiSo's don't care or give a rats about the lower brown skinned people among them.

  10. You live in SinCity and yet have you been down to Walking street, interviewed a select few and worked out if they feel it’s wrong or right?

    Are you saying I live in Pattaya? I have heard from many people who think this is wrong. What's your point? Should I fly up there at my own expense for the sake of a blog post?

    No offense, but you come across as a journalist but often this blog is more like an extension to Gossip Girl.

    Maybe that's because IT IS A BLOG. What do people expect from me? I work six days a week plus freelancing. If my blogging doesn't meet your high standards then I can't help that. I write about what's on my mind as and when it happens.

    It seems that what is acceptable blogging for most bloggers is not for me. I'm now not allowed to post a video of something I thought was crossing the line.

    Is it supposed to be news? Informative? It's JUST A VIDEO.

    I am sick of people telling me what I can and cannot write about, about what should and should not interest me, about what I can and cannot think about.

    It's BS. Other Thailand bloggers can post about their cats, their cellphones or what movies they've seen and nobody bats an eyelid, and yet I can't post something like this, despite recent posts covering vastly different topics.

  11. Matt,

    When you start posting about social situations, you are opening yourself up to being taken seriously. You don't post about your cat, but you have written an entry about the sex trade, and abuse of that trade, in the post.

    You live in Phuket, which i'd go as far as saying is on par with Pattaya, full of utter fuckups from the west who love the bar girls and sex life, that is Phuket.

    You asked the question "Should YouTube even allow this sort of material to be plastered over its channels?",

    Well, this is the Internet, the freedom to exchange ideas and information in a free manner. Tell me Matt, is Aaron over the legal age for sex? What about the lady in the video? Why should youtube not post consenting acts between two adults? Why should this information be stopped? Thailand has, for decades now, been a destination of sinful activities, no matter what the press office wants you to believe.

    No-one is telling you to do anything, it's your blog but guess what, you advertise it so people visit it and comment. Just like I can write into your editor and speak out about one of your articles written during your working hours, you will open yourself up for comments that question why you wrote it and also answer back.

  12. The issue is over girls scarring their bodies with this guy's name and then being publicly mocked for doing so. I think I'm justified in feeling some sort of emotion about that and I still question whether such material should be carried by YouTube. It has nothing to do with sex and the sex trade. Can't you see that?

    You're not questioning the content of the article, you're questioning me. There is a difference.

  13. Quoting you: "What are other people’s thoughts on this? Should YouTube even allow this sort of material to be plastered over its channels?"

    I'm pointing out your naivety over the how this Internet works and questioning why you feel that an act between two consenting adults (and i'll go out on a limb here to say they are) should be censored.

    Tell me Matt, how is getting your partners name on your body and then breaking up with them, different to Aaron having them do the same thing. I bet he paid them a fair chunk of change, I don't know any stupid bar girls, they play stupid but damn those girls know how to hustle like the rest…

    I have yet to see anything in that video that is breaking any Thai law, let along international law, so why would it be banned?

    If you were reporting on this, you'd honestly say youtube should ban it? don't you remember the last fuckup that happened when Thailand told youtube to ban "bad" content?

    Consenting adults, doing nothing illegal, yah ban them to hell!!

    Wow it's good to see they teach journalists the real rights and wrongs today, thank god we have them out there on the streets, huh?

  14. Have i been to Phuket?

    Yes, many times, as with many other locations in Thailand, or did you forget that?

  15. I find it hard to believe that you think this is the same as someone having their partner's name tattooed on their body. For a start, I wouldn't allow my partner to do such a thing and then mock them on the Internet for doing so.

    If you were reporting on this, you’d honestly say youtube should ban it? don’t you remember the last fuckup that happened when Thailand told youtube to ban “bad” content?

    I think I'd raise the issue of whether such public humiliation should be allowed on YouTube. I think I raised it here by using a question mark. Did I say it should be banned or did I say: "Should YouTube even allow this sort of material to be plastered over its channels?" Notice the question the mark. If I thought it should be banned, I would have flagged it. Did I? No. You're jumping to conclusions.

    I have yet to see anything in that video that is breaking any Thai law, let along international law, so why would it be banned?

    If the persons being defamed involved filed a complaint to YouTube, would it be banned? I really don't know.

    Consenting adults, doing nothing illegal, yah ban them to hell!!

    So you're telling me the girls consented to being publicly ridiculed on the Internet?

    Wow it’s good to see they teach journalists the real rights and wrongs today, thank god we have them out there on the streets, huh?

    Another personal attack. Uncalled for.

    Yes, many times, as with many other locations in Thailand, or did you forget that?

    I asked because I didn't know. I have no idea where you've been in Thailand and as you think Phuket and Pattaya are the same, I'm a little confused.

  16. The fact you said that youtube should "allow" the material, amounts to censorship. Who are you to decide if it's degrading. What's degrading in your mind might not be degrading to others. Anal sex is degrading to Mormons, but half of the Internet has people being taken up the ass, should the net be controlled?

    "So you’re telling me the girls consented to being publicly ridiculed on the Internet?"

    Hang on, I'm pretty good at making sure my camera is hidden when I'm doing documentary photography, but as you can see, the girl knows the camera is there, so what, you think she didn't notice it?

    "Another personal attack. Uncalled for."

    Do you see any mention of me pointing at you? Do you see the words "Matt" "" or any other reference to you included in that statement?

    "I asked because I didn’t know. I have no idea where you’ve been in Thailand and as you think Phuket and Pattaya are the same, I’m a little confused."

    No Pattaya is 1 hour from BKK, Phuket is on the other side of the country, geographically they are different but they both have the same pull when it comes to the sex trade. In that aspect, they are the same, streets dedicated to go go bars and sex.

  17. Hang on, I’m pretty good at making sure my camera is hidden when I’m doing documentary photography, but as you can see, the girl knows the camera is there, so what, you think she didn’t notice it?

    It's not about the filming. It's about the final video. Do you think she was aware that she would be portrayed in that manner?

    The fact you said that youtube should “allow” the material, amounts to censorship.

    YouTube is a public website that "allows" and does not "allow" different kinds of videos. They have terms of service. There is material that is not allowed. the owners of YouTube decide what is allowed. Maybe neither of the girls have a problem with the video. I don't know if they have seen it. If they saw the video and were to contact YouTube, would it be removed? I guess we'd have to contact YouTube. It's a valid point of discussion. It doesn't imply that I think YouTube should take the video down. I never said that.

    Do you see any mention of me pointing at you? Do you see the words “Matt” “” or any other reference to you included in that statement?

    Then who on earth are you referring to?

    No Pattaya is 1 hour from BKK, Phuket is on the other side of the country, geographically they are different but they both have the same pull when it comes to the sex trade. In that aspect, they are the same, streets dedicated to go go bars and sex.

    There are streets dedicated to go-go bars and sex in many of Thailand's cities, some of these streets where no foreigners go. So are they all the same? Patong is similar to Pattaya. Phuket, I feel, is very different.

  18. I agree with both sides of the coin here. Although I think Aaron comes across as a complete prick in the video. Wether its moral or not, it's not illegal. The music video you showed the other week of a gang robbing and pilaging a city could well have been banned also, but you found it intense and well edited….. Censorship is a VERY grey area. The lines are very difficult to be drawn. Really enjoy your blog though

  19. A blogger should never – ever – get involved with his/her readership. That's golden rule number one. Number two is to never – ever – justify yourself. As soon as you do, you have lost the ground. I don't know of any serious journalist loweirng him/herself to justify him/herself. Read Robert Fisk.

    Write hat you want and please you and then let your readers fight amongst themselves….

  20. I'm not so sure about that. I think bloggers have a right and a duty to respond to comments. Most of the top bloggers in the world, from Pro Blogger and John Chow, respond to comments, especially if the blogger is being questioned for what he or she has written.

  21. So have we finally made bloggers into journalists?

    this argument has been going on since the blogs started, do journalistic approaches and ethics apply to all blogs, or just certain ones?

  22. well well its looks like another member of the aaron fanclub, so ure a journalist then matt? makes a change from a crazy tattoo artist with a chip on his shoulder, but surely u should have done more reserch instead of just copying tatt2's blog, so what was it that really annoyed u about the video? was it the girl getting the tattoo? do u have any idea of why she got it done before u make any asumptions? u protray me as some sort of guy thats goes to thailand just to get girls to tattoo my name, ure totally wrong buddy, i lived there last year and wasnt just one of these 2 week sex tourists that u make me out to be, in fact u know noting at all, you are suggesting this and that about me and trying to create a witch hunt, yes i amit the "stupid girl" part in the video didnt do my image any favours but hey i can live with that, im hardly the worse person in pattaya, why dont u have a witch hunt for the drug-dealers and the nasty underworld of pattaya that really treat the girls badly if u care so much about showing them respect, or would that be too dangerous for u or maybe im just a easy target for ya to rant about, i really dont need to explain every reason behind my video's but i have already said on addicts and tatt2's blog excatly where in pattaya this girl can be found and in what bar she works in, i changelled tatt to go and meet her and ask her what she thinks of the tattoo coz im still in contact with her, but of course he declined and never posted it on his blog, but hey if your man enough to carry out what u started maybe u can go visit her and then write on this blog what she thinks

  23. No, this is definitely not a witch hunt. Once this topic drops of the bottom of the front page, it will likely be forgotten.

  24. No, this is definitely not a witch hunt. Once this topic drops of the bottom of the front page, it will likely be forgotten.

    wow matt.. after the big intro u have written about me im suprized by your lack of response, after all the points i made out to you in my last post the only thing u can reply to is the witch hunt part, kinda dissapointing dont u think.. god your talents are wasted in the [my place of work removed].

  25. its not about bickering.. the fact is that u have posted this one sided story about me and have asked people to reply on their veiws u have answered everybody elses points, so why not mine?? or maybe u thought u could just brag away without any comeback, or maybe i wouldnt see this at all, but u see i own the video i can veiw which sites its being posted on

  26. You have the right to reply and I think you can say your piece without this descending into an argument. I've said all I have to say, so if you want to dispute anything, do it here in the comments, clear the air and leave it be.

  27. First of all – no matter what anyone says – Thank you Matt for posting this blog. Its sparked good debate – just what you need.
    And to Aaron, I can see your point now. I was making assumptions and your not such a fucker after all I guess.

    I just want to say….

    No matter what anyone thinks of us we are what they want to think of us…
    Everyone will always say what they want to say and think what they want to think. I will not let that stop me from doing what I want to do. I know my intentions and what I want to do.
    Say and think what you want to but our life goes on. Smart people know this.

    I dont think anyone should take this posting too serious because everyone makes stupid choices but it doesnt mean they are stupid people.

  28. Well, even after his response, I still don't agree with him. Firstly, there were two girls in the video. Secondly, while there are far worse people in Pattaya, this isn't about them. The video stands alone as what it is. This isn't about a witch hunt or finding Pattaya's worst.

    I still don't see his point.

  29. aaron makes me want to cry, my websites down because of him and all i do all day is sit on my keyboard and try to drum up customers for my shitty shop, like who wouldnt want to get a tattoo done by a unquailfied tattooist who is used to tattoing pig skin

  30. If you google this guy's name you get all sorts of responses. I wonder what his friends back in Ireland would think of him treating a human being like garbage and him going to the trouble of making and uploading a Youtube video to prove he can win the battle of the intellect over a drunk chick with a sixth grade education and lacking common sense.

    Aaron McCreanor's mentality comes shining through in his semi-literate screeds on here. What sick, contemptible trash.

  31. Fella you have a point, but your an idiot, probably with little tiny testicals from estregen leaching into your local water supply, probably obeying every stupid thing your estregen stearlised wife tells you to do. I agree with most of the people who critise you. Yes "maybe" said man has stepped over the line. But "definatly" you are an idiot !!!

  32. Thanku "lost boy" being educated on the streets, has allowed me to think freely and creativly, unlike so many half-happy highly educated,in "parrot" fasion, working robots, out their. Who bleat on about "New World Order" agenders, without even knowing about it, OR for money ! On the payroll !…. Interesting that you just comment on the spelling and grammer and say nothing about the "angle' of my comments…. The anti-sex thinking of stearlised women of the western world and the wimpy dickhead men who who obey them, and regurgitate their dribble,in some desperate need to be acknowledged as a "sensitive new age man" has got to be stopped, for the good of the Earth. What Eunichs think is wrong and is BAD, not just for men, but for all life on Earth. Non breeders making decisions for the breeding population, is why India fell from it's "Goldern Age", HISTORY REPEATS !!! Forget Terrorism, The greatest threat to the western world is the fact we are becoming "the land of broken familys" All of a sudden in the last forty years, since the invention of the pill, all men became bastards. And women became New age Godesses, their shit dont stink. Fact is, what use has a woman for a man if her body is "irrecptive to sperm"? She is a EUNICH and she dosent even know it, she thinks her abnormal thinking is normal, and, because she still has a few reminants of "the power of the pussy" all sorts of wimpy men follow after her and bleat the same dribble…… Even though sex tourism is largly "covered up" and critised. By word of mouth alone it is a BOOM industry. Many many millions of westerner men are going O/seas to find what they cant find in their own countrys, happyness, love and sex. The pill is a MASSIVE cover up, its BIG bussiness, seling it to half the population of the western world, and now they want to sterilise the 3rd world too. It goes llike this; they give the women the pill, she walks off the family farm, scoffing at the idea of doing what women did since the dawn, of time (be a wife and mother). The man falls apart and becomes a drunk, cos their is no FRIDGET pill for him yet, although estrogen now in the food chain helps. Then the women gets a micro-loan and makes sandels….. Of course the pill dosent just stearilise womens bodys, it stearilises their minds also. If hormons are banned in sport, how come half the western world is on them? HORMONS are the most dangerous mind and body altering substance in the history of the world. Female hormons can put boobs on a man and male hormons can put a beard on a woman. These things dont go away when the subject stops hormons. Hormone imballances are usually FOREVER. Hormone imbalences are why women and wimpy men say "Orrr that is so degrading to women" (what? being a sex symble) "Orr look at her shes just a peice of fluff", (Yep and I LOVE fluff ) Suddenly its unacceptable to be a man, if stealilised women of the western world, just let men be men and spread their bloody legs, and didnt yawn and say "hurry up" while while the deed was being done, their wouldnt be sex tourism. their wouldnt be a booming porn industury, their would not be prostitution. Mayb Big Brother wants every woman to be a legal Prostitute, so that every time man has to get what he needs, Big Bro gets his tax…. Really you sentitive respectfull parrots, fighting for "womens rights, (to be a "liberated" fat assed, taxpaying, working robot in a call center, instead of a wife and mother) if you want to get your "end wet", dont waist your time trying to impress these "New Age Goddesses" who are really just Eunichs, sterilised women of the western world, stop denouncing everything to do with sex in the hope of getting a root. Just go to Pattaya and pay $30, and have some fun for once in your life. Thanku lost boy,u mak me proud of my poor readn, writn skils :-)

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  34. What am I saying??? My friend?(watching over this discussion like a hawk) Really "maybe" the said offender "stepped over the line, "maybe" I dont know, The anti-sex gang shut down his video so I can't comment entirely. But all this westerner anti-sex stuff is almost as bad as what Catholic and Muslem extremists are on about. One man carrying on about not wanting to take his children or wife their. DONT please DONT take your children to Pattaya. And unless you came from Sweden or some of the other sexaly liberated countrys, dont take your wife their eigher. Esspecially if she's Australian, she will hate it, she will want to yell scream and argue with everyone having the time of their lifes. For gods sake,JUST LET PATTAYA BE PATTAYA, wouldya? I know the "evil" west is losing a MASSIVE amount of revenue from disillusioned men taking their money over thier, but try and stop them getting their rocks of and just see how much worse things get for westerners in the west. With men who "just cant cope" with living a sexless life as dictated to them. Calling them all sorts of insulting names, as some of you give them in this very chat, wont help eighter. Some of you talk about "forien aid" to get these "poor" women out of their "demeaning' work as bar girls. It just "seems" demeaning to Eunichs, They hate sex! Many fertile girls love their bar jobs. None of these greedy sexless people can give them the "fiancial aid" sex tourists are giving them anyway. Hustler says it well. "RELAX IT"S ONLY SEX", its not hate, death and war, like everything else thats going on. ITS JUST SEX !!!! I got a dragon tatooed on me, to make my Thai Girl happy, dos that mean she is exployiting me ???? I like it, it covers up a "bogan" home made cross, i put on myself, when I was 12years old, while living in a mansion and going to a private school. Common on lets face it. we white's are not the civalised ones, were savages. Beef Bacon and beer consuming, meat pie and footy wathcing YOBBO'S. We know nothing ! Cheers Mate

  35. Arron, I hope your reading this, but probably you got bored with it a year ago. Mate "mayb' you went to far, "mayb" you didn't. I cant comment fairly, cos they shut down your vid. All I'm seeing on this page is massave slander directed at you, with the overall mesage trying to say that "everything you did was wrong, and "this" instance was an all time low. Really if surfers can go O/seas and film their surfing advetures, if snowboarders can film their snowbarding, and etc etc etc. Why cant sex tourists film their sport fucking advertures???? More power to you buddy. I love the Irish ! Im sure you payed them well, and if the whole deal wasnt so stupid, you could probably make them famous, and have hundreds lining up at their bars wanting to try out "Arrons" girls. They would become rich beyond their wildest dreams. My girl filmed me, when she persuaded me to get the dragon tatt, she wanted to capture the pain and discomfort on my face, but I'm an Australian farmer, I'm no stranger to pain, as I'm sure many Irish are also. So me and the girls just laughed from time to time. Mayb I should edit it and put on Utube, and cry foul just to take the piss of the whole situation, A kind of "I fucked Ben Affleck" vid, ha ha ha ha :-)

  36. Hey ??? How did you manage to backdate that post kit ??? It's ok, Tve read a bit of your blog now. I like it. Sorry new to this, hardly knew what a blog was till a few days ago. Wow looks like your a busy writer. Good for you mate. Really liked yout artical on Timor to Darwin tunnel. 1st grade ! Guess I was a lot like you, in some ways, when I was your age too. But didn't like the artical that "caught" me, as you can see. Just getting really tired of "wowsers". And that birth control pill mate, it works TOO well. It's Mega-Bussines, the negative side effects, totally covered up. Thats what you mean when you say in another part of your blog, something like, "living in farangland you become 90% robot"======== Why have we become a society were we only express our sexual side briefly, (drunk in a bar once a month ?) While Thailand is "hot and steamy", sexy, 100% of the time. When your shoping, when your working, every were people go, everything people do, their is flirting going on. Why dosent it happen in "farangland"? ======= Well not all, but too many, girls, women, have destroyed their "fertility" by taking the pill. And their "vibe" has shaped all of modern western society. Not with all westner girls of course, but way too many, only need sex once every 3 months, or worse, once every 2 years, and as this modern "health conern" worsens 5 years, then the rest of their lives. No "need" for sex. Blind nelly can see it after awhile, but our media outlets make excuses, or worse outright deny it. Its not the western womans fault. She has been "TRICKED" into believing it is a very conveniant answer to her lifestyle. An entire generation has now been "TRCKED" out of having and living in a family. The west is now the "land of broken familys". People make all sort of excuses or explanitions, but its "that" pill, simple as that ! And now being a man or being sexy is unacceptable. Chinese health directly links good health to high sex drive. Don't ever forget that fellers. Don't let them force you to surrender your masculinty. And lady's as Bette Midler said, dont stop "rattling those pots and pans, cos your on a good thing", oh yea, a little pole dancing pratice wouldnt hurt eigher. A person has to really get "into" "personality's" to see this. In your life as you get to meet and know people, just ask "that' question more often, "do you or have you taken the pill"?. In the west it's more yes than no. In the east it's more no that yes. Personal statistic's? To bring me to this "theory"? For you sceptics. Almost every women in the west that I have grown up with or married my friends, has taken the pill. That's a few hundred women. Of them after 20 years, I now know about 3 marrages that have lasted, and those women were the very few who never took the pill, or only very briefly.========== Personal Stats? Ive had sex with about 300 westerner women, most were extremly poor lovers, ( Yes they love to blame the man. but it takes 2 baby !) Only about 3 of those 300 NEVER took the pill, and they were fantastic lovers, firecracers ! ( And NO, they were not the same 3 woman I know who stayed marryed, ha ha, different 3, promice) All the rest, ahhh sorry, yawn.================= I've had sex with 100 Thai girls, ALL of them were sex God's, toe curling, eye's roll to the back of your head, mind blowing! Apart from a few that were "just shy", only about 3 were "duds", BORING, just like a white girl, made excuses why not to have sex, even if that excuse was "get drunk" instead. (Social, "courting" sitations in the west? )… 1 of those 3 didn't take the pill, she had her overy's removed, similer to the pill but worse, she's a shocker, when it comes to sex. But hey she is still a good friend, I can get along with Eunichs, but I wouldn't wannt 1 for a girlfriend. Anyway this post is too long already,ha ha. Please consider. GOOODLUCK TO YOU, as the Thai's say. Dale

  37. Its interesting that you say in another of your blogs, that when you walk around in "farangland" (bad karma land, Ha ha) That after living in Thai you want to smile at every girl you see, but your worried that they will think your a pervert. That's it my friend, you understand the western woman, and you have ajusted your behaviour accordinly. BUT unlike most westerner men you KNOW this is not how ALL women think, just the women in farangland. So you have learnt since childhood to walk around with blinkers on, because if you "just" look at a girl you will be a pervert. You KNOW that the girl you pass is not thinking the "gee I wish I could smile at every man I see but everyone will think Im a pervert" you know she not thinking the same as you, because you KNOW westerner women. What she is thinking as she walks past you is "OMG !!!, here comes another creep, God I hope he dosent glance at me, "F off" you pervert, your not fucking me, not even in your mind, how sickning, keep walking. Shit !!! The fucking weirdo did it, he looked at me! How fucken dare he. What a creep, wishing he could fuck me. errrrr YUK." You have heard the way they carry on with each other, havent you, oh this man wants to fuck me and that man wants to fuck me, and then they give that shudder, like they just ate something terrible, that almost puke, shudder. Anyone would think the man wanted to stab her with a knife, not just put his dick in her. And maybee thats why we get all those American crazy nut male murderer shows on TV in Australia every night. It helps the women to justify her fear of mens dicks. She can tell herself, shes not just scared of his dick, shes scared that the weirdo will murder her for no reason, a crazy nut who thrill kills innocent strangers. You know I heard that even in the crazyest country in the world U.S.A, their is only about 1 crazy male nut women murderer, just for fun thrill killer, a year. And yet on TV we see a new nmale nuts every night. 5 nights a week, on 3 different chanels, their is a different nut murdering women strangers, for no reason at all! I would like to start a "Citizens against Yankee crazy psychopathic murderer TV shows", any one like to join me??? I've heard something like by the time a child is 5 years old, they have witnessed 10,000's of murder's and bashings on TV, not to mention arguements and "cons", people decieving people. And yet twisted sisters and religous fanitics and wimpy men are trying to stop anything sexy. Maybe big bro wants us all to be bloodthirsty criminals killing each other, instead of lovers having fun and fucking. That way they can keep the population controled by fear, and justify having a police state ? Maybe, I dunno, just a wild guess.================ I feel so sorry for all these millions of kids who grew up with single mothers, are you 1 of them? All your life thinking that dad is such a "bastard" he left you (ahh sorry was driven out) he did this, he did that. He is a bastard because of all these terrible things he did, every kid has a list of these things in their head. Usually not a word about how he has a dick, and wants to use it, if The Eunich does mention his dick, its something like "all he ever thinks about is sex" or he had an affair (nothing about her not having sex with him for 3 months t drive him to an affair) or he's a weirdo.================= I grew up with a dog that was "fixed", She was a nice dog, very "self absorbed" but still nice, NOTHING would make it angry, kids could jump all over it pull its ears. One thing would send my dog nuts, a male dog trying to sniff its ass, trying to fuck her. She just tottally refused to go though the natural courting ritual, you could teach her to climb a ladder, but you couldn't teach her with food reward's to fuck (unlike human female Eunich's) When she was strong and powerfull she would attack her male suiter with supprising agression, when she got old if trapped in a small yard with a male dog that wanted to fuck her she would end up in a courner, siting firmly on her pussy, and then she would start dying, trully dying, just sooo miserable about this male trying to fuck her……….BAN THE PILL, people of the world. THE SINGLE MOST DESTRUCTIVE MIND AND BODY ALTERING, SOCIETY DESTROYING SUBSTANCE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD !!!!! Sincerly Dale

  38. it is sad to see a person with such a poor mental state as to engage in this type of social expression. You say that the women in pattaya are not poor,it is you, the maker of this gutter material that is poor. A VERY POOR HUMAN BEING! Living in your very distorted view of the world must be a very MISERABLE existance. Enjoy your misery LOSER!

  39. My name is kiran. I live in india. I work for Plan. I used to write stories. I love social media.There's more about me here. Here is my RSS feed.

  40. I am Aarons Brother… him and a few friends went to australia and thailand to have fun! ffs people live a little. The girls didnt exactly disagree so certainly the people of pattaya are just as bad! … btw i find this hilarious :') but aaron has buckled down now! he has a son and is a responsible, sensible father

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