Police chief transfered

The game of chess continues:

THALANG: Royal Thai Police Commissioner Gen Sereepisut Taemeeyavej had a busy day in Phuket [on Thursday], attending two important dedication ceremonies.

However, it turned out to be his last day as national police chief as Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej today announced his abrupt transfer to a temporary post in the Prime Minister’s Office.

As of [yesterday], Gen Sereepisut has been transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office, pending further instruction.

He has been replaced by his former deputy, Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan.

Speculation in the media about Gen Sereepisut’s abrupt transfer focuses on the fact that it comes a day after the return of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is reportedly pushing for the promotion of his brother-in-law Lt Gen Preowpan Damapong. (Gazette)

Meanwhile, Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (OrBorJor) President Anchalee Vanich Tephabutra has abruptly resigned, as reported by Siang Tai today. k. Anchalee is, of course, a Democrat and the wife of Tossaporn Thepabutr, who in the election on December 23 was chosen to represent Phuket in parliament.

It’s happening.

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2 thoughts on “Police chief transfered

  1. Why would Thailand be different from other contries that saw a change of political winds?

    You could call it some kind of corruption.. but no… they wouldn't dare… would they? :-)

  2. Samak knows that Seripisuth is very loyal to his nation and does not take LM lightly and so he had to be transferred and yes Thaksin is still lobbying to get his power base back in Thailand.

    The Internet makes detective work easy, a quick look at the BBC website and the videos on this channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Jakapob and you know that something is going on. These cases seem like real evil attacks on the Thai monarchy to any bystander.

    I heard that there are a very small group of Thais that are doing bad things for money. They lashed out with a Nepali monarchy dissolution chit chat by the Thai PM Samak Sunteenoralvet recently, these rogues are going to become dinosaurs soon.

    I think the more recent Cinema Chotisak and Thaksin the Flag stories are an attempt evil forces to misuse the Lese Majeste law and help hide the real cases of organised political crime and media fiddling by Jakrapob and the BBC filed by this Colonel Boong chap which is the real can of worms.

    Jakrapob is apparently attacking and squeezing the media hard to keep his own evil activities from making headlines – it looks like we have a Thaksin Dictatorship here in Thailand once again, I remember Thaksin saying in the videos to vote for PPP :)

    Will these guys go to Suwannaphum or Criminal Court?

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