Reasons to beee cheerful

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8 thoughts on “Reasons to beee cheerful

  1. A truly awesome machine. I bought one for similar reasons as you I guess… my old laptop was a fair size and I need the ability to be connected wherever I go. I opted to keep the linux OS (the interface is designed for the screen size) and the included apps are all I need. I found an article online to get my Nokia N95 and AIS one-2-call working over GPRS. One-2-call offers 20 hours of GPRS internet for 100 baht/month which is more than I need. So I am now connected wherever I go in Thailand… it works perfectly. It really is an versatile little machine; I use the wifi in cafe's, the lan cable at work and the GPRS everywhere else. No problems, no complaints. Well… actually one, the new EEE (out in a month or so) has a bigger, better screen, more disk space and all for 16,000b. I will be upgrading then.

  2. I bought one too last week. I paid €300… more expensive than in Thailand, but I wanted it now.

    I like it, but the keyboard is too small for me. But it's a present for my girlfriend so that's ok. That's also the reason why it is "flush pink" :-)

    What Ri says about the 100TBH/month GPRS is very interesting…

  3. Do you not read my blog??

    The Eee PC 900, one with 9 INCH SCREEN, is coming out soon in Thailand. I heard the news ONE DAY after I bought mine…

  4. Yes I heard about that. At 400 euros for a 12GB model, you may as well buy a new laptop altogether. I don't mind the screen though. And I don't really need anything more than what the current version has.

  5. Thx!

    I was seriously doutbing to bring my laptop to Asia this time. This post solves the problem perfectly, on touch down me will get one of these puppy's.

    You made me one happy little puppy, I was not liking the fact of either carrying a heavy laptop or being cut of from the normal world.

  6. Thanks for the info, as it looks a great little machine especially for the price.

    How are you getting on with Linux OS and which version is installed?

    I have slowly become a Linux convert after installing Opensuse 10.3 and finally finding an OS that actually works without the blue screen of death. Though still fond of ye olde faithful Apple and the Mac OS.

    If your little machine had a bit more power and memory, would strongly recommend you install Wine Doors, as we had Dreamweaver, Flash and PC windows version of Opera running on Linux without a glitch.

    In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows & Gates?

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