Sat it ain't so, Alfredo

As you may have read, the debate over the Greater Sunrise oil and gas fields is heating up, fueled in no small part by the Australian media. The situation is becoming increasingly odd. Woodside execs were here recently and they met with President Jose Ramos-Horta, who is of course trying to solve everything.

STL reported this yesterday:

The Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) is dissatisfied with President Jose Ramos-Horta's attitude in welcoming Woodside Company's delegation recently and suspects Horta of causing uncertainty. Therefore, the AMP coalition has forbid State Secretary for Natural Resource Alfredo Pires from publicizing the feasibility study's findings on the Greater Sunrise's gas and oil field.

That's the study that everyone, including Ramos-Horta, is criticizing the government for not bringing to the table. This only serves to make thing worse.

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