Small upgrade to the "top 100 Thailand blogs" list

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16 thoughts on “Small upgrade to the "top 100 Thailand blogs" list

  1. Get your blog back in here – and cancel user voting.

    Your blog's a blog's a blog, therefore needs a place in this ranking.

    Cancel user voting? With Google, Technorati and Alexa ranks you created a balanced metering system.

    Perhaps you can adjust the importance of the user voting. As Thai TV said, great for interactivity, but not so great regarding reliability/actual representation.

  2. Cancel the user voting, you have some good ranking software to help you. Don't let people spam their way to the top10.

    And put your blog in again. Same reason, if it comes up in the ranking, it belongs there.

  3. I can't help but feel you missed one of the best metrics to valuate how good a blog/site is: back links. is the best tool for finding out what back links a site has.

    Regarding including your blog, personally i think it's kind of cheeky… your already getting attention from the blog (good link bait by the way!) so pushing your blog that one more time is taking the piss a little bit. Just my views :)

  4. Alexa as a basis on checking rank, Jesus Matt, i thought you were tech savvy at least.

    no-one uses it, it's biased as hell and doesn't reflect how most sites rank… drop it and go with something a little more credible

  5. Actually let me back that up with solid facts:

    Alexa Page Rank for 0
    Google Page Rank for 4 (or 5, depending which engine you use)

    The whole issue behind Alexa's approach is that they require people to have their spyware installed and working on the browser, to work out rank. Unlike other approaches, which analyse traffic sources from a variety of methods, Alexa does so using shite code.

    So if the user doesn't want to install spyware onto their browser, you end up with very very warped ranks.

  6. I’m fully aware of what Alexa rank is and how it is calculated. However, it serves as a guideline for a site’s popularity. And as the top 100 is a guideline, Alexa rank is a suitable stat to factor in.

    I will never be able to base the top 100 on actual blog traffic.

    People do use it as a guideline.

    For the record, this blog has a PR5 and an Alexa rank of 143, 234, so I don’t know what that proves.

    As for backlinks, that stat differs between search engines. I also don’t know if it would even be possible to write a script to grab backlink data.

  7. your blog is about your life in thailand. this list is about the top 100 thailand blogs.

    don't understand the controversy about it being included in the list or not.

  8. Ah, since I got a mention I'll weigh in with my two cents.

    1. If the point of the list is to drive traffic to the site (which is what I assumed from the beginning) then keep the voting. I, and some of my readers found this page for the very first time because of the list. At least one of my readers is still coming back to look, because it was a comment on my site that alerted me that Werewolf's Lair had just landed at #12 this morning.

    2. A second reason to keep the voting is that numbers like page rank favor older sites with more links, and the number moves VERY slowly over time. To make the List interesting, the voting component in the metric should be relatively more powerful than it is now. A way to compensate (if it's not too technically difficult) would be to 'age' votes so that they dropped out of the count after (say) 90 days.

    3. I think the idea that 'Lost Boy' shouldn't be included in the list is simply silly. As a blogger on the list, I don't take myself or my blog seriously enough to worry about potential manipulation or lack of integrity. Put it back on.

    4. I'm not a tech guy… dunno about Alexa. You boys can fight about that.

    5. After this site was set up I went online to research technorati and PageRank to learn about them. To the extent that my head is big enough to wrap around the ideas, I understand them. I then checked my Google PageRank by going to my site and hovering over the tool bar in the appropriate place. It indicated a page rank of 3. As mentioned already, I'm not technical and don't know any better way to check it, so you may want to look at how the numbers from Google & Alexa populate the list if I'm showing zeros in both spaces.

    Again, I think this is a creative and useful effort on Matt's part. God knows it's nothing I'm capable of. I suspect it's good for his site, and a good resource for readers who have an interest in Thailand. Personally, before the list, I'd only heard of a handful (perhaps half a dozen) of the 100+ sites listed. I spent much of the past week going to look at the others. I noticed a similar comment from MSB in the comment string on the initial blog for the list.

    Because Matt is the one who did all this work, I have been working my way backwards through his recent posts. It's all traffic, which I hope is helping to pay the rent.

    And, by the way, Matt: there's no use looking for a technical explanation for how Werewolf's Lair mysteriously moved to the 12th position. I used black magic!



  9. 1) Get your blog back in there. It's a Thai blog…it's YOUR list….why shouldn't it be there?

    2) Alexa ranking is just as unreliable as Google PR. Google will drop your PR if they feel a page is selling links? What does that have to do with popularity/usefulness? Nothing…PR can be manipulated just as easily as Alexa as well. Get a link from a PR 5 site, you're pretty much guaranteed a PR 3 or 4. Therefore, since PR is as silly as Alexa, then Alexa should be kept :)

    3) To Daniel: While certainly not being a fan of Alexa, you should keep up with the news :) Alexa has recently revised their rankings, and they have deprecated the toolbar data, and are gathering data from a variety of sources (basically they pay for ISP data like Compete or Quantcast).

    4) Don't really have an opinion of user voting, but it did get me to ask a few friends to check out the list and give me a vote :) So perhaps you should take out the voting as having an effect on the rankings, but I would leave it in there (the function and the data) just as some fun reference information

  10. Yep. All variables can be manipulated. And if you use something like TNX, you can get hundreds of free backlinks. I don't know if there is any real way to judge a blog's popularity. The best ways I can see would be a combo of:

    RSS subscribers
    Direct traffic
    Return visitors
    Comments per post

    But there stats aren't all readily available and easy to acquire.

  11. That's a good thing to create a list of interesting blogs about Thailand, but why try to rank them? Whatever your ranking option this will bring controversy. I would be more interested in a quick critic of each and every selected blog.
    Blogs are like TV programs: it's not because a lot of people watch that it is interesting for me.

  12. Now there's an idea. Maybe a description of each blog could popup on mousing-over the URLs. Shouldn't be too much work.

  13. You've got to put your own site back in there. People come to your site because they're interested in it, and then to see how it stacks up against other blogs, maybe even their own blogs, in Thailand makes it more interesting.

    It's your blog. It's your ranking. Ignore the detractors and include your own!

    Keep the ranking, too. It gets people talking, debating, which is gold for anyone writing a blog!

  14. Alexa seems to update its rankings more frequently these days. Perhaps you should do a cron job once a week? Your list has stabilised, but still interesting to observe weekly movements!

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