Stacey Dooley's Thailand adventure

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8 thoughts on “Stacey Dooley's Thailand adventure

  1. Stacey is setting out to make changes and bring awareness. So please, 'The Lost Boy', perhaps instead of being such a snobby critic, I suggest you applaud her for making a difference. Infact, as you have so much time on your hands to write such an article, maybe you should consider researching an issue and writing about it to encourage change. You're a great writer, but use it for good next time.

  2. The main thing is that around the world, hotel cleaning is done by people on low wages.. Thailand is no exception. So, it is not clear what the point of the show was. No mention of the recent unrest.
    PS…what was the music clip used when Stacey visits the hotel…about 4.5 mins in? Best bit was this music!

  3. I came across this browsing I-player and I have to say that if this is the future of 'journalism' then heaven help us all. The wide-eyed OMG shock horror whilst 'discovering' facts about the island which have been widely known for years and easily available to any one with a connection to the internet and an IQ of over 50, was both condescending and utterly annoying.
    As far as I can gather the point of the documentary was that people work hard for little money. (although the fact that the hotel she chose to point this out in pays more than minimum wage and provides staff benefits, didn't really make much sense).
    People have to make sacrifices and hard choices.
    Sometimes 'the little man' gets mistreated by the big evil corporations.
    Stupid people drink too much and take to many drugs, and sometimes they die.
    If you have a camera crew and say you are from the BBC you can get an interview with someone who works in an office. He must be quaking in his boots after she promised to 'call him and call him and check up on him'.
    But it was the simpering manner and patronising tone that antagonised me almost as much as the content content, or lack thereof. It must have taken hours for her to perfect that head slightly tilted, but constantly nodding, almost always on the very edge of tears, but only once or twice giving in to them.

    If this is the standard fare from a BBC3 documentary then I am extremely dissapointed.

  4. This ****ing moron should go back to stacking shelves in a supermarket. A better name for this series of "documentaries" would be Stacy Dooley Embarrasses Herself. Anyone who actually thinks that her "documentaries" are of any value is an utter moron. Thankfully I no longer reside in the UK and do not have to pay a license fee to the BBC to produce drivel like this.

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