Thai casanova gets girls drunk on Soi Rambutri, takes them down a side street

There's a story in the Bangkok Post today about the changing face of Thai sexuality. This little snippet caught my eye:

Dusit [not his real name] has an after-hours bar on Soi Rambutri, near the backpacker haven Khao San Road. He pays a small police fee to be able to sell drinks out of his car after midnight, and serves beer and cocktails on plastic and wooden stools and low fold-out tables. Travellers heading back to their guest houses after a night out at the Khao San bars and clubs often stop here for a nightcap.

Every night tipsy groups of young women from Denmark, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US or other countries stop by, some made amorous by alcohol and the freedom of being away from home.

"The girls are on holiday," Dusit explains, "and they want to try something new."

If they're good looking, he says, he offers them free tequila shots for any occasion that might warrant it _ a birthday last week, visiting Bangkok for the first time, or wearing the right colour for the day of the week _ but only if they duck down the small sub-soi with him. After they drink their shot, he kisses them on the lips.

"Some push me away," he admits. "But even then they're laughing. Some kiss back. Some stay behind for more kisses in the van after I close up. Some take their drunk boyfriend back to the hotel, let him sleep and come back for me."

He doesn't know how many nationalities he's slept with. "Maybe every week, two girls," he boasts. He says he tries to kiss several girls a night, but isn't deterred by the rejections. Even if he exaggerates the number of his conquests they are an obvious source of pride for him.

I don't think there's anything funny about handing out free shots of tequila, leading a drunk woman down a side street and then trying to kiss her in this manner. Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Thai casanova gets girls drunk on Soi Rambutri, takes them down a side street

  1. Is this the greatest story the main stream media can find? A few kisses, maybe some boom boom? At least the Romans supplies bread with their circuses.

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