Thai food mistaken for terrorist attack

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11 thoughts on “Thai food mistaken for terrorist attack

  1. i've eaten there several times! its on d'arblay street, near my old office . they do a good lunch set menu though its quite humdrum inside..! its family run i think, not one of those trendy thai restaurants. this'll be great for business…

  2. I heard this story too. Yes, it is hilarious; but it is also believable. This is not the first time that cooking Thai food in a foreign country has caused such a stir. I once heard a story of a Thai student in the States who frightened his neighbour with the smell of boiling shrimp paste with other smelly stuff. His neighbour thought this student had murdered someone and hidden the body in his flat. So, the next-door worrier decided to call the police to investigate the place.

    There you go, the overbearing smell of Thai food is known globally.

    There is also an interesting article about a chemical in chilli which helps to kill pain on the BBC website:

    It has definitely been a busy week for chillies!

  3. I used to have a girl friend who liked to fry up fermented fish to eat. The smell was mind-blowingly disgusting.

    We broke up.

    She was a real terrorist.

    But not because of her cooking. She terrorized my heart.

    I used to have another girl friend who loved to make nam prik.

    She was from the North. Not a terrorist. But I probably terrorized her.

    Sookie will probably say that I terrorize everybody. And he is probably right.

    But he hasn't had my cooking yet!!

  4. Terrorism is the new communism. It is the same paranoia as in the 50s. If you have time, I strongly recommend a video on google video. type in Zeitgeist., download the official release version, it is almost 2 hours and has some fascinating views on the world.


  5. I don't know if Sookie is a man or a woman, but he is the proper pronoun. I would love to refer to Sookie as "it" but that would be rude.

  6. Hilarious! I started coughing the other day when some spicy Thai food smoke came into the restaurant area where I was eating. The cook however covered her mouth with a bandana but seemed otherwise used to the smoke.

  7. chilli never kills people, it has a lot of vitamin and help you lose your weight and makes you have a good health.

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