Thai police use public humiliation to stamp out groping during Songkran

As many of you will know, Thailand is currently in the midst of Songkran (New Year) celebrations, which means large-scale water fights kicking off all over the country.


We went to the backpacker haven of Khao San Road yesterday and it was as barmy as ever. We picked up a couple of water guns on the way and joined in the carnage.

As you can see, it's basically a mass of people throwing water over each other. If you're a woman and you wear a white shirt, you might find yourself the centre of attention. For me, I noticed that as I became soaked, my shirt clung to body to reveal to the world my recently acquired tummy. I should start doing sit-ups. But anyway…

For some cheeky chaps, the sight of all these wet bodies is simply too much to take in and every now and then someone will try and have quick grope of an unsuspecting lady's boobs. It happens every year and it's just wrong on so many levels, but it's never seemed top of the police's list of priorities. Until now, that is.

Anyone caught having a quick feel on Khao San Road this year was ordered to stand on a table, head hung low in shame, wearing a sign that said something like, "I like touching women's breasts." Effective deterrent or abuse of power? Take a look.

The table of shame
The table of shame
A cheeky chap (allegedly)
A cheeky chap (allegedly)

Of course, it wouldn't be Songkran without a little controversy. Remember the Songkran boobs last year?

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