Thailand's angriest expat blogger finally goes home

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JuJu, arguably Thailand's angriest young feminist expat blogger of all time, has called it a day after three-and-a-half years in the Land of Smiles and decided to head home to Canada. Here are some of her best bits, lifted from her Twitter account.

dude once i leave here i'm never setting foot in a third world country again.

god i wish more thai people would travel abroad and get a taste of their own racist medecine.

god i hate farang guys in thailand.

dear boat drivers of krabi, i am not your fucking friend. if we're friends, as you keep calling me, you should drive me around for free

you want non-touristy shit? go to afghanistan, or nigeria. there's probably no tourists there. it also probably totally sucks.

god i really fucking hate the people in my neighborhood.

between the hideous arab men and fat western sex tourists, after getting a shawarma in soi arab, i can't bear to look at one more fat man

i can't even be bothered anymore, some cambodian official was screaming at me to come over, and i just ignored him. in my mind, i was like "fuck you and your shitty country, you think you're important?" then it turns out they moved the visa place, but what the fuck, who puts a million casinos before immigration..

I know what a hot western guy looks like, unlike most TH girls.

outside of the west, equality for women is way behind, so it's way harder for these guys to have equal attitudes in their relationships.

oh yeah, i do think there are big cultural difference. really, i think western women can't really date 3rd world guys.

I've only been flamed maybe 2x by Thai tweeters over Thai-related opinions, but like 100x by Western tweeters.

So many wankers on Internet. I've probably blocked half of Bangkok tweeters by now.

Wow, normally my blog gets maybe 30 hits/day, hits for "Western men who have lost their minds in one day: 330

Dear MORONS, if you only read the critical entries on my blog, and ignore the positive ones, YOU'RE the one who focuses on negative things.

Man ppl are so negative. views on my blog for "Western men who have lost their minds”: 156 "making friends from all the world": 5.

Really, what I won't miss when I leave thailand: HUMAN GARBAGE from the West that washes up on the shore here.

Honestly, why don't you go back to jerking off to thailovelinks and let the rest of us carry on with real conversations?

Good job, stupid coward, you won't reply to me on twitter coz you know I'll block you, so you comment on random blog entries?

Wow, i enjoy getting negative comments on my blog so much more now that I've learned that i can edit them to say whatever I want.

If I go to a blog and they have these Thai dating ads on their site…i totally lose respect for them.

It kind of breaks my heart really, how people in this country set their hopes and dreams on dating a foreigner.

Got hit on by my taxi driver. he was really sweet actually, but how can I go out with a Thai taxi driver?

Oh, let me guess, it's another loser farang guy in thailand discovering my blog… oh just save us both time and fuck right off, won't you?

Here in thailand many hookers pickup bars come equipped with Connect Four. I don't understand it either.

OK, mofos of this building, if you decide to do renovations on Xmas day the way you did last year, i will srsly cut you.

I never understand why these busted farang dudes who can't get gfs at home seem so attractive to Thai women.

I wonder, is it really hard for a Thai woman to find a good Thai boyfriend in Bangkok?

Living in thailand, you always be revisiting feminism 101. Jesus.

I want something that bans all western guys with a Thai IP address from talking to me through any medium. My life would be 2% more sad from the few great guys i would miss, and 98% better from all the asshats i would avoid.

Yeah, there's a lot of western guys in bkk whose appearance betrays they love burger king a bit too much really.

I think a lot of them get thai gf because they can't deal with equal relationships with women.

I've never walked up to a white guy and tried to broach the topic of "why i love black guys way better than white guys" but guys want to talk to me about thai women all the time. like fuck off, dude. then you see their chick and she's a ho.

it's weird talking to western guys in thailand bc often they don't respond to you as a woman, they try to put you in this platonic zone

not meaning to offend my 5 farang guys in thailand readers that i don't hate and even like. but there's a lot of dudes out here making y'all look bad. just sayin.

one thing i'm looking forward to in canada is being surrounded by guys who haven't lost their fucking minds.

one thing i fucking hate about this country, is how impossible it is to be even superficial "friends" with working class ppl.

seriously the next thai person who talks about me like i'm not there in thai, and doesn't get the hint when i say "so, what about me?" i am seriously going to punch in the face. so not in the mood for this shit.

THE MUTILATED BEGGARS i mean, wtf? women begging with children, i've never in my life seen that shit in canada.

so bored of this topic. if 98% of farang men in thailand never talked to me alltogether, it would be perfect.

srsly, don't you have hookers to romance? buffaloes to finance? lies to tell yourself?

just makes me so mad all these stupid guys always commenting on my twitter. do us both a favor and just fuck off. stop adding me.

any more loser farang guys want to get blocked? srsly, not in the fucking mood today.

i hate when people are nice to me and then try to rip me off, just be an asshole already and rip me off montreal style, or else stay nice.

sometimes i'm really sick of how no one in thailand appears to give any kind of shit about whatever they're doing, half-assed all the time. wait "sometimes", i mean "all the time". it's like let's do the most half-assed job possible, about everything, take no responsability for mistakes, ever. god forbid you'd ever be served by someone with slightly dark skin in a store, but who cares if they're totally incompetent, that's ok. well, ok, it's not everyone, sometimes there's really nice service too, but oh my god, so many times so annoying!

god i hate the asshat vendors of saphan kwai — 98% of them are SO RUDE. thanks guy for trying to charge me 230 for something under a big 199 sign.

man i'm so fucked off with thailand right now. can't wait to get out of here. researching all my flights home.

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7 thoughts on “Thailand's angriest expat blogger finally goes home

  1. She's psychotic and neurotic and offensive and rude and insensitive and every now and then (“I never understand why these busted farang dudes who can't get gfs at home seem so attractive to Thai women.”) she’s so right it hurts.

  2. hilarious….she might be a "put-on" by the people over at NotTheNation……"Angry Farang Blogger in Thailand"…….

  3. I think Tim sums her up very well. She does say alot of things that are offensive and rude, but she also makes some very valid points and statements (which have been omitted from the above post).

  4. 555! Have to admit, if I Tweeted my darkest thoughts about living here in Thailand, they might look something like this angry blogger's! But instead I choose to reach for the light — mai pen rai and all that. Would have lost my mind years ago if I'd wallowed in all the things here that piss me off.

    Anyway, good luck to her. Maybe she'll launch an angry blog about mediocre, mild-mannered Canadians in future!?

  5. Yeah, I'm sure she's not a bad person, and I don't care enough to rant about the vile things she's written about me or others in the past, so let's draw this chapter to a close. The game is the game.

    Hello from London, BTW Lana!

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