Thailand's Got Talent contestant strips off, judge throws a hussy fit

This video is currently going viral here in Thailand. In it, a female contestant on Thailand's Got Talent comes out onto the stage, starts painting on a blank canvas, takes off her shirt and bra, pours paint on herself and then proceeds to go to work on the canvas with her bare chest. But actress, model and singer Pornchita "Benz" na Songkhla is not happy, especially when the act gets two yeses!

There's so much that could be said about this clip. What most surprises me is that the act was given the green light and made it onto national TV, even if it falls under the bracket of "performance art". High-profile displays of public nudity don't usually go down very well. From Songkran just past:

19-year-old Sarawut Suparb was yesterday charged with indecent exposure after it is alleged he was dancing provocatively in the streets. Police say that he took his top off and revealed his breasts in a prominent area of the city. (Thai Travel News)

From Songkran previously:

[A] national uproar over several girls who danced topless in public during raucous celebrations at the recently concluded Songkran water festival has underlined the limits of acceptable behavior and the nuances of public morality here. (NYT)

National Police Commissioner General Wichien Pojphosri vowed action against both the topless revellers and their cheering crowds. Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat, meanwhile, wanted action taken against those lending loudspeakers and stereo systems for the topless dancing.

"Apart from being fined, the topless girls should be required to do some cultural work. For example, they should be made to read books about the Songkran Festival for young students to listen to as part of the punishment," Nipit said. (Nation)

Ironically at that time, the Thai Ministry of Culture's website featured a large banner image of bare-chested women. After observers pointed out the obvious hypocrisy, the image was quickly replaced.

Benz's reaction is really much like what we've come to expect from the Ministry of Culture, as Lily pointed out, and it's indicative of how defensive many Thais are of this extremely distorted view they hold of their country. To Benz and many others, an act like this is a further example of the deterioration of Thai society caused by the influence of foreign ways.

h/t to Lily for finding this. For more on toplessness in Thai culture, check out the Thai Woman Talks blog.

Note: "Hussy fit" is possibly a new term that didn't exist until now.

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3 thoughts on “Thailand's Got Talent contestant strips off, judge throws a hussy fit

  1. Pornchita is one of the most hypocrite people in Thailand!!! A guy dancing provocatively almost naked is OK but a girl painting topless is not?! What's the difference?! Isn't that exactly the same? She is such an unbelievable hypocrite!

    I'm sure everyone who watches the topless painter video and this would agree:

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