Thailand's PM Surayud, the ladies' man

Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanon

Here's a great picture from the Bangkok Post of Surayud Chulanon, Thailand's fearless prime minister, getting close to Thai actress Naowarat Yuktanant. Apparently this was in aid of a campaign to get people to start eating more longan — the small, round, sandy-colored fruit can apparently keep us all looking young.

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3 thoughts on “Thailand's PM Surayud, the ladies' man

  1. Hmmmm….lamyai (longan). My favoritest fruit. I used to eat them until my tongue swells. Sooo tasty. I even like the longan juice/tea made out of the dried longan fruit. De-lish!

    Oh god. Just the thought of that makes my mouth waters…

  2. I personally prefer seedless gauva (farang rai met) over lam yai, longgong (?), lychee or ngoh (rambutan) or any such small peeled fruits.

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