Thailand's post-election shambles

The fallout from the election is fast becoming a shambles. On the plus side, the election took place, but even with free elections, somebody in Thailand will always find a way to fck things up and make a mockery of the whole process. From today’s Bangkok Post:

If the [Supreme] court rules against the PPP, its plans to form a coalition government will collapse, and the party will be dissolved.

Plans to set up a coalition government led by the People Power party (PPP) are hanging by a thread after the Supreme Court's Election Section agreed to rule on whether the PPP is a nominee of the dissolved Thai Rak Thai (TRT) party.

The court has decided to consider all four points in a petition lodged by Democrat candidate Chaiwat Sinsuwong. The first hearing is scheduled for Jan 15.

Mr Chaiwat has accused the PPP of being a nominee of the TRT, which was dissolved last year by the Constitution Tribunal.

He has also demanded that advance votes on Dec 15-16 and the Dec 23 polls be nullified.

In the petition, he has asked the court to rule whether the PPP was qualified to field candidates in the Dec 23 general election, if its leader Samak Sundaravej was eligible to endorse party candidates, if advance votes on Dec 15-16 and the Dec 23 polls were valid and if the distribution of VCDs of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra were illegal.

Chaiwat is really going for it here. This comes after news that 397 out of the 480 poll winners have been endorsed. With the current situation in Thailand, I’d say we’re some way off clearing up the little matter of Thailand’s future government.

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6 thoughts on “Thailand's post-election shambles

  1. If this is successful I think it will be one of those moments that people will look back and recall what they were doing at the time. I don't think people in the North and North-east will be minded to accept what they believe is *their* government being tipped out twice in a little over a year.


  2. Funny that Chaiwat asks this question after the election when everybody knew before the election that PPP=TRT !?

    As for the people in the countryside, sadly, they will believe what they are paid to.

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