Thailand's Russian invasion

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It's hard not to notice that there has been a rather sudden influx of Russian tourists to Thailand. It may be that there are more Russians in Phuket than Bangkok, but this increase is not just my imagination – the Russians are coming.

At the risk of offending my Russian readers – I know that I used to have at least one – I've been thinking about these Russian visitors a lot recently because they're everywhere. You go to any nightclub in Phuket and there will be a group of Russians there dancing until the sun comes up.

They're an interesting bunch, the Russians, but I worry about the reputation that some of their countrymen are earning. I have now lost track of the number of times that I've been told stories about Russian tourists coming to Thailand and wreaking havoc on bars and clubs. Just as Britain and Australia have their lager louts, so Russia has its vodka louts.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has made it clear that it is keen to tap into new markets, such as Russia. TAT's global roadshow touring has already seen an impact on tourism numbers.

One point of interest that I have noticed is that the Russians coming to Thailand have a lot of money. Furthermore, property developers have now cottoned on to this and are beginning to translate their websites into Russian.

I was told by a major property developer that Russians weren't buying property in Thailand before for the simple fact that they couldn't read any of the websites. While there have been Russian girls hanging out at Novotel Siam Square for as long as I can remember, there are now more Russians making their way to Thailand than ever before. There are even Russian clubs and bars beginning to surface.

To any Russian readers, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on what is now attracting you to Thailand. As for everyone else, what have your experiences with the Russian masses been like?

I hope I haven't offended any Russians by writing this.

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64 thoughts on “Thailand's Russian invasion

  1. In regards to Lena's comment on the russian girls being more intelligent than the thai. I think that is definitely debatable.
    The reason being is the education system in russia gives more opportunity to its people to afford to get educated. Definitely an advantage over their thai counterparts. I think you'll find if the thai education system was similar, then you would find a levelling out of intelligence between the two. I find the thai girls to be street smarter than their russian counterparts. Obviously a different form of intelligence. Once again Lena, an observation. What do you think?

  2. Dmitry, as you might have noticed already zBoris statements are typical of a Soviet Jew who left Russia/USSR. Don't bother arguing with him.

  3. The invasion is happening in Koh Chang. Generally speaking the ones i saw seem weird, unfriendly and refuse to speak or smile.
    Is smiling banned in Russia? Do you not know you are on holiday?
    I don't understand why they are like this. They are uncomfortable people to be around especially as Thais are complete the opposite!

  4. 'rus – and where is your's 5 cents for cons and pros of the topic started by Lost Boy? Your previous comment does not add anything usufull to this conversation, and more importantly I and Dmitry have already agreed on who is jew and who is not.

    Came back from Phuket on 9th Jan, where I've spent unbelievable 3 great weeks. Everything is great, even russians. Spoke to many Thais about the same thing we are discussing here, and alas all the responses were:
    1. No smiles (taxi driver asked me once, why none of russians ever smile…)
    2. No tips (overall I do not agree with that one though)
    3. Arrogant behavior
    … only 5% of the things Ive heard were of a positive nature. Thai people went that far they told be that there are ideas between Phuket (at least) dwellers to block the airport landing strips for the chartered flights from Russia. "We would rather earn nothing, than tolerate russian mistreatment".

    Surely those statements do not apply to all the Ruskis, but never ever one (thai) had mentioned similar "hatred" to Brits, americans or australians.

    That's the point of view of non russians on my motherland people, which I share as well, since I can observe their attitude when Im travelling.

  5. Im a swedish guy thats been to Thailand about ten times
    But this time we had enough
    The russians are invading the tourist places in Thailand
    I have only negative experience with them
    They are rude and seem to think they are above everybody else.
    They think everybody should know russian and speek it like its was the number one language in the world.
    Next time im going to demand "non russian" hotel if we are coming back.

    Thailand? You’ve chosen nice place for your judgement. I guess all Scotts are Oil Field trash drunken idiots? Just because big numbers of them retire here? Or all Germans are sexual predators? Only because of a couple of scandals highlighted in Pattay News last year?
    Yeah, cough up a couple bucks and upgrade your hotel. Don’t stay in cheap “guest friendy”. That’s what I do to avoid some charming samples of your “European Culture”…

  7. Dmitry, not all russians are rude. But there are LOADS of them in Thailand! It is sad to see how they bully the thai staff. Once friendly and smiling now sad andfrighten looking, especially in Phuket. There are many hotells that wont lodge russian partys.

  8. Meeting wrong folks is unavoidable, when travelling abroad, Karin. This wave of rude Russians would go away eventually. Other groups of undesirables are on the way. Someone with shocking manners always will be out there: obnoxious slobs from Russia are followed by sex hungry, good fathers from Middle East, whom will be soon replaced by growing middle class travellers from India. Staying in the same hotel could become your idea of living hell. Careful planning, avoiding budget tours and tourist traps, choosing better destination will minimize the risk.
    P.S. The particular reason I don’t like this thread…well…take a guess.

  9. I have stayed in Thailand for 2 years (divided in 4 trips), and my last visit there left me thinking that some parts of Thailand are ruined as vacation destinations (at least until Russian tourists learn some manners). Although most Russians are decent folks if u get to know them better, still the problem with them is that they don't feel its necessary to being polite and show respect to others. And it sucks to spend your vacation around people with this mindset…

  10. Friends! I am Russian. I travel a lot and often around the world.
    The main reasons why the Russian did not like:
    1. do not speak English
    2. noisy
    3. drink a lot
    4. do not smile.
    I want to clarify a bit why this is so.
    I myself hardly know the language (I am writing now on the translator). This happened because my childhood, like most Russians went to the USSR. English or other lang we did not need, because we could not leave the country. Therefore, no one taught the language. I am now 40 years old – at this age is very hard to learn the language from scratch.
    All the misunderstandings between us – it is ignorance of the language. I want to assure you that a lot of Russian – it's intelligent people with multiple entities, who love good music and movies.
    You see the bad Russian tourists. I do not like them, too (try to find places in Thailand where they are not). They come for $ 300 from Siberia, in Russia since the rest is expensive. Believe me, that Russian is not all of these …
    I can answer, and for other items, please contact us –

  11. Really funny to see how Russian tourists are being hated in most parts of the world. Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Asia, you name it. French Rivera agents try not to sell real estate to Russians: the area had been traditionally known for it's luxury and class, and most Russians lack the second one. You also have to realize that despite being known as intelligent, most Russians are not. Yeah, and another little secret for you: they are very rude in everyday life. Hateful speeches towards other races and nationalities are norm since childhood and for the most part are encouraged.

  12. For those Russians that cannot read English without translator (99%): in my previous comment I said "Happy New Year"!

  13. I guess you better change your name as well, Yuriy..It sounds obnoxioulsly too Russian for me. No? By doing so you might be feeling much better, not like self-loathed, guilt-ridden, pseudo-intelectual, sexually frustrated fag, who wish he was straight…Pathetic!

  14. as for me, so far have come in close contact with them in Thailand, they were for the most part rude, crude, and trying to cheat the Thais. did not matter where it was a 7-11 store small food vendor, Baht Bus, go-go bar, they were always trying to not pay the price the item was sold for. On top of that they were always trying to pay with new 10-20-50- U.S. green backs not Thai Baht, I think they are carrying bogus currency and do not try to exchange for Baht at the normal place a Bank because they will get caught. so my thought is go back to the Mother Land and leave world alone, with out you it is a better place, you are almost as shit faced as the Muslims

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