Thaksin "quits" politics

We really are in the midst of a strange situation. Thaksin has now officially quit politics, whatever that means, after his diplomatic passport was revoked and the leaders of the military council banned all local media from reporting about his activities. The threat made to the state media poses the biggest question so far with regards to the stability of the current government.

From the Bangkok Post today:

CNS spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the former leader was using the media to stir up confusion and undermine the government and the CNS. Mr Thaksin had issued statements through his lawyer Noppadon Pattama to defend himself. "Some media read out those statements, morning, noon and night. Some also offered an analysis, which the CNS finds inappropriate."

That’s fantastic. Heaven forbid that the media should offer any “analysis” on the man who was ousted as prime minister in September and who has been pinpointed as the mastermind behind the entire nation’s problems. I haven’t seen an excessive amount of media that has been praising Thaksin recently. Seems the military council are a little paranoid, and no doubt there is a great deal going on beneath the surface that we currently don’t know, such as all the rumours of unexploded bombs that have been circulating recently. Who are we meant to believe?

There was also a story on the Bangkok Post website yesterday reporting that: "Nine bombs, not eight, exploded in Bangkok and Nonthaburi at the New Year, the chief of the Bangkok bombing investigation team." The ninth bomb was the Major Cineplex bomb in Ratchayothin. This bomb was, allegedly, found in a bag by an employee, taken to a room, and left to explode. What confuses me is that the story about the ninth bomb was removed from the Bangkok Post website. I’m not sure if that means anything or not.

The government seems to be rattled. I’m still not sure what’s going on. The warnings about further bombings have thus far not materialised into any real explosions. There is still military presence, most notably at RCA (a major nightlife district) where clubbers are being both terrified and entertained by a multitude of men with very large guns. There are still a couple of disinterested looking soldiers at Victory Monument, where one of the bombs exploded, and every day I have my bag loosely searched by a clueless security guard at Central World.

People for the most part seem to have forgotten about the bombs for now.

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