The death of Thailand blogs

I’ve just spent the past couple of hours looking through about 300 Thai blogs – I’ll tell you why later. Out of about 300 blogs, more than 200 are dead, left by their owners to gather dust. Almost all of the dead blogs end with a post apologizing to the world that the blog is about to end.

From looking at every Thailand blog under the sun, I think it’s safe to conclude that we are a pretty boring group of people who write about exactly the same things at exactly the same times.

It really started depressing me, looking at all of these blogs. Two things usually happen when foreigners move to Thailand. The first is that they decide to write a blog because the wealth of information they have to take in on a daily basis cannot be handled without writing some of it down. After the blog stage, foreigners will usually decide that their musings are too big for a blog to contain, at which point they begin working on books.

We are a predictable, often downright weird, bunch. One blog that I came across was written, by the child’s father, from the perspective of a four-year-old. The last post goes something like this:

I am really happy that daddy put up this picture because its the first time that I can see my other mummy on my website! Her name is K. Su. For a reason I am really puzzled, my mummy says she is Enemy No. One and that I will never see her. I dont know why my mummy is so anti-Su because she looks like a very nice woman. I think you will agree.

My daddy said that when my mummy went away, he met K. Su and they were just good friends and nothing more. After my mummy in Rayong province split up with her new boyfriend she went back to daddy and asked if they could get back together, but when mummy found out about daddys new lady friend she was very angry and ran away again. I dont blame daddy though, because my mummy was away from him for many many months.

I guess that’s one way of dealing with your issues.

One positive note from my browsing was the discovery that Lyle (Bangkok Expat Mama) has started blogging again. I love Lyle because she once bought me dinner and anyone who buys me food receives my eternal respects.

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18 thoughts on “The death of Thailand blogs

  1. I have a reverse writer's blog. I was writing on one of the blogs as a Thai expat living in the US. After a while, I seem to run out stuff to write. I mean, how many times can I write about someone making fun of Bang-what? or mentioning the whole sex trade and Thai women = whores thing.

    I'm sure the same goes with other foreign expats in Thailand. The novelty wears off and so does the enthusiasm to continue their blogs.

    And P.S. I know the blog you quoted. I meant to ask the guy if he's ever going to update that as well. Hahah.

  2. One Thai blog i miss, is Morally Diminished. Whilst it was smut, it was intelligent smut and by god it made for good reading.

  3. One Thai blog i miss, is Morally Diminished. Whilst it was smut, it was intelligent smut and by god it made for good reading.

    I don't miss it at all, and regret having ever found it (from another bloggers site, who carelessly did not give a proper warning about content)

    That one thing I hate about the internet – it's so easy to stumble across sicko low lifes.

    I wonder was it the censor, or the Aids grim reaper, that has taken the morally diminished blogger out?

  4. If you can't cope writing a blog then you've got no hope writing a book. That takes much more dedication and devotion. Even a once or twice a week blog entry is enough to keep most blogs alive.
    I think there are many people, not just in Thailand, who think it would be wonderful to write a blog or author a book, but when it comes down to it they realise it's much more work than they anticipated.

  5. As someone who has been blogging on a specific topic (not Thailand related) for at least 5 years now I know that it can sometimes feel like you've run out of anything interesting to say. You really do sit there and ask yourself what else you can offer. And if you can't come up with anything then it's time to kill your blog. But sometimes that asking gives you ideas on how to evolve things. You expand the scope of the blog.

    Yes, it's a shame that many people have reached that point and decided they have nothing more in them but it's probably better than them forcing themselves to write just for the sake of entertaining people. A blog should not be a business. You should enjoy doing it and be absolutely amazed that anybody actually gives a crap :-)

  6. There's some great blog stuff out there – but a blog means work and dedication and no real income – at least if you're honest and at least for some time if you're not really dedicated with own stuff and own productions and own research. Some blogs develop a life of their own. Agree with Billy Bangkok – "enjoy doing it."

  7. "Morally Diminished" was a good read – not for the smut, but for the way the guy wrote his stuff. The post about the special skin cream had my in fits!

    I think many bloggers give up because their writing for other people, not for themselves. I'd still write my posts on my blog if no one read it because it's like my on-line diary – I can look back in years to come and smile at where I was and what I was doing :)

    Out of 100+ blogs in my reader, only 4 are thai based blogs. Matt, how many Thai based blogs do you follow?

  8. I think not only Thailand blogs write about the same things as all other Thailand blogs. If you write about what you are experiencing, it is not so strange to do so.

    It's the same here. If something happens here, many people write about it. I think the internet is the best backed-up ict application around the world, with many people write about the same thing, using the same picture etc.

    So… now I go looking for “Morally Diminished”. All the comment here above made me very curious. :-)

  9. Hobby,

    If you look at the majority of waffle that most bloggers write, Morally Diminished was intelligent. Ok so the content didn't appeal to everyone, but the level of writing was far superior to most of the shit we see every day.

    Anyone can have a blog, which is worrying as many don't have anything interesting to speak about. Each to their own, personally MD's blog is a big loss to my daily visit.

  10. Daniel,
    I will admit the title of his blog was apt – could that mean the blog author was intelligent?

    I stopped enjoying reading about sexploits in my late teens (a long time ago), so irrespective of whether his 'level of writing was far superior', I will have to be counted as one of those to which 'the content didn’t appeal'.

    You say 'each to their own', and I say 'it's a sick world'.

  11. I could never make up my mind about Morally Diminished. I liked how blunt the dude was, but was always confused by how people were labeling him as a genius. He even did an interview with Bangkok Recorder.

  12. I think it was due to him actually writing about a subject that was a large part of ex-pat life in Thailand.

    No offense, I don't give a fuck what you had for lunch, how your cat it, or even what new PC you have just purchased. You can argue it's your blog, but does the world really need to know that shit?

    MD wrote, and in a very cleverly constructed style, about the life of a single man in arguably one of the best places to live when you are single. Each post had prose, it was entertaining and showed another side of Thai life, that whilst many might lambast it as old and boring, it made for very entertaining reading.

    Hence he did get that Interview when many other bloggers could only dream :0)

  13. The great thing is about blogs is that you stumble across them, check out a few posts and YOU then decide whether to subscribe or return. Less than 1% of the content on the web is going to be to any body's likening…

  14. I noticed the same thing in my search for cool Thailand blogs to link to in anticipation of my big move to BKK. I've been blogging since 2004, and I don't plan to stop, but I hope it ain't something in the water over there that leads to eventual blogger apathy.

  15. I'll weigh in on the side of Morally Diminished being a genius. I found his site only after he had already stopped blogging. I read for an hour or two, well amazed by his great writing and graphic photos. I have never finished reading his site, and still drop in occasionally to read 4 or 5 posts, working my way back in time.

    I would think that the end of any blog is a natural part of it's evolution. Surely at some point it stops being fun, and it's natural to end it. Otherwise the blog becomes like an athlete that continues to compete after passing his prime, less than it was, no longer exciting and no real future ahead.

  16. Been looking for the morally diminishef blog, the links lead me to an almost dead end. Anyone any idea how to view them?

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