The truth about Thai girls

One thing that's glaringly obvious after living here for a couple of years is that Thai girls cannot be summed up in a list of dos and don’ts. No matter how many of the Internet pundits out there try, you can’t write a guide book about girls of any nationality.

I find it perplexing reading blogs when authors focus on Thai girls and make attempts to class all Thai girls as one single entity. There are girls in Thailand who so radically break from the farang-publicized norm that they are grossly misrepresented by many of the people who write submissions for Stickman, among other sites. Perhaps with the influence of the Western world has come a new development in the mindset of Thai girls and Thai people as a whole.

When I first arrived in Thailand I was taken aback by the tales and fables about Thai girls. Every farang I met could sum Thai girls up for me in a few short sentences. Could life really be this simple? I was confused and yet intrigued, but I soon realised that these farangs only dealt with a small proportion of Thai girls.

There are a few Thai-girls myths that have been floating round the Internet for some time that I would like to address:

Thai girls are shy in public

A somewhat dated view is that Thai girls will not so much as hold hands in public, let alone kiss. The younger Thai girls I know have no quarms about holding hands in public. Kissing in public is a taboo, but it’s one that is increasingly broken. Public displays of affection are not uncommon, but if you start making out in the middle of MBK then you are likely to attract suspicious looks.

There is no such thing as free sex in Thailand

I came across this from the otherwise worth-a-read Bangkok Diaries blog. I don’t know where people get this idea from, but casual sex does exist in Thailand. And no, it doesn’t have to involve bar girls. Younger Thai girls are more modern than some people give credit for.

All Thai girls love farang

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you have white skin and big eyes doesn’t mean that you will be the desire of all Thai women. There may well be some envy of your characteristics, but this doesn’t always equate to attraction. It’s funny to watch clueless foreigners in bars and clubs trying it on with Thai girls, only for the Thai girl to step up and assert her authority. Wham!

Thai girls don’t like sex

I’ve seen this one pop up on the Internet a few times. The idea that Thai girls don’t enjoy sex is pushing it a bit. Thai girls are the same as girls anywhere else in the world, and with taboos about sex breaking down in Thailand in the 21st century, Thai girls are more open about the subject as a whole.

Thai girls won’t talk about sex

While Thai girls’ attitudes are perhaps a little different to those of Western girls, contrary to popular belief, Thai girls do talk about sex. You only have to listen in to a university-student gossip session to learn this.

Most Thai girls are prostitutes

It’s simply not true. A great many Western men only meet a small percentage of Thai women. No more needs to be said about this one.

Most good Thai girls are virgins

I read this on Thailand Guru. I hate the idea that anyone would consider it bad for a Thai girl not to be a virgin. How can anybody define a “good” Thai girl in this manner? Younger generations of Thai girls have, believe it or not, found ways to have sex and still be good girls.

Only bar girls take drugs

A common misconception. Whether it’s smoking weed, taking coke, ecstasy, even crystal meth: recreational drug use is not restricted for bar girls or “bad girls”.

Admittedly, my thoughts on this subject come from interacting within social circles of people my age. I don’t want to say that Thai girls are one thing and not another, but I find it frustrating when reading “guides” on how to date Thai girls or what Thai girls are like.

The new generation of Thai girls is very different from the stereotypes that older Western men impose on Thai girls as a whole. While I have a very real fear that an article like this could kill my blog once and for all, this is what is on my mind and this is what I've chosen to write today.

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92 thoughts on “The truth about Thai girls

  1. If you need to go despite all warnings then this is the way you should do it…Let the woman know your name and nationality, but lie about your work place, dont say you got savings if you have, dont mention visa for her to come visit. Its like the wild west in the old days. Shoot first or be shot. Lie first cause you will be lied to, so might as well be the one to draw "first blood". Dont commit to one woman, if you start to feel love for her then fuck another and let her know that you cheated on her. Then see her reaction when you say "sorry honey, I will make it up to you, you can get visa for my country, is that okay?" and 99.9999% Thaiwomen will forgive you, unless ofcourse she knows you aint got money. So make your own illusions, make these monkeys think you got plenty, make them think its theirs too. When you feel like your in love then thats when you are off guard and thats when they strike at you. Thats when they want to go see a wedding studio, go talk to embassy about visa or get papers ready for marriage. Thats when you call your flight agents and says "get me out of here today !" – this is why an open ticket on the return is needed, a copy of your passport and also a little money for food and water when you might have to wait 4 days in the airport for evacuation to happen. I sincerely wish that nobody will ever eperience what I did in Thailand. But I am happy now because it has made me understand, and the price for this lesson was in comparison with others who lost much more, very cheap for me. When I see Thais today in my country I always think…."go back home and rot in your sedgepool" "poor man who was fooled into getting you here" "Thais living of my ta money, lazy and just collecting welfare only to send it all down into that black pit they call Thailand" – I have no good thoughts whatsoever about Thais or Thailand and believe it or not I am a humanitarian person. I work for amnesty, have kids I help with homework and do alot of charity work, I am not a stupid person and I do believe that there is good in all people, not including Thais, cause they arent real people…Please go somewhere else than Thailand, its really not that cheap either compared to Phillippines, Malaysia, Korea or other countries in that region. Let them rot in their own filth and let them cry rivers of tears, let them pray to their fat oracle who was a lazy butthead lying nder a tree making up lies that the whole nation believes. I dont care if they blacklist me in Thailand for saying my opinion, I am never going back there. Dont care if they send ninjas after me for insulting their ragged king. Dont care anymore cause I know now that they are an evil. And evil will never rule me, never influence me or make me do things I dont want. Never again, I can say go to to hell Thailand, but it makes no sense, snce Thailand is Hell ! Just dont go with honest intensions, dont go with loads of cash and dont go thinking this place will make you happy. You will face many lies in Thailand, so dont start the journey by giving yourself lies… Go knowing that you are entering a god forsaken country where everything you know is upside down. You are the stupid one in Thailand, you are the weak one, you are the person in the picture which "dont belong" there. So why go ???

  2. Wows , agree that many Thai gal love money,i do too who else won't even a boy. Then Check urself why?? Isn't it bcuz u dating a hungry slut huh!

    We girl in the past have to stay Virgin until marry, and we believe that men must be a leader, women do housework, having a dozen of baby but men find money to feed the family.

    True that Thai women are lazy, check this out
    Some species call Esan girl ( extremely tan skin, short legs, small nose wih a cheap cloth ) stay away from them, some are good but can't guarantee which one so safety first for u guy. Start with sex end with money!!

    And talk about the double standard I'm once go to euro Disney and they charge me about 62 euros but French resident cost only 25 euro, this is not double but almost triple also for musee de la louvre that is freeform European student but cost 12 euros for a pretty slut from thailand who wanna try some dump sperm….. Yummy

  3. To Kent
    Happy for u to stay away from my contry we don't want a person like you because u are full of hate and just one dumb person and remember no ninja in Thailand muah haha where have u been in Thailand and found ninja plz tell me..
    Also, not only a Thai gal is a gold digger naka

    I found myself that a blond hair with a blue eyes also a gold digger,do nothing but shopping, kill my bro with word and take his son away..
    Another faring guy dates my friend as u know a horny Thai gal who want to suck faring dick which is a billionaire, the owner of hotel in krabi. That farang quickly move to thailand stay with his rich chick and won't go anywhere elst but hotel's cashier…Wearing Hermes belt driving Mercedes that brough by Thai girl 's family money… What u think?

    We are a human like you both have good and evil side.!!

    Ps. Angelena Jolie do a charity too
    Can it erase her bad side, never but u just try toforget it. She also steal brad Pitt from Jennifer aniston and call it A destiny !! Wows what a beautiful world;)

  4. You must be joking… Educated Thai girl, that is impossible. I am not filled with hate, I came with open eyes to Trashland and saw through the lies and the deception. I know alot of Thais and Thai friendly people gets upset over this, but thats not my problem. I find it amusing that you dont argue against the important issues I have about Trashland. Cruelty to animals, trash filling up the streets, No freedom of speech, Government lies, Poor education system and the incorporated greed which has infested every part of your so called "nation". CIA world fact book is statistical information about every country in the world, look up Trashland and compare it with the other Asian nations and everybody with simple math knowledge can see what we are dealing with here…Trashland spends 2 times as much on education as the Philippines and yet only 3% in trashland gets a good education where its 37% in the Philippines. Your country is a looser land, your PR cant hold up much longer as more and more get to know the truth, and by truth I mean not lies. I know its hard for a Thai if not impossible to tell the difference, but its there. Truth and lies are not the same! I've education and I am not a man of hate, this isnt a personal discussion board where my character is on trial. Its you nasty sluts who is the issue here. You are lightyears away from attaining western standards. Your toilets are filthy, you are filthy people, with low selfesteem and motivated by money and beauty. You are so unintelligent that you never question that being white is good, having blue eyes is great. You dont care what is inside a person, you are shallow and narrowminded people who crave only an easy life and loads of cash, and you will do anything thats not demanding to achieve this. You call this honor ??? And no we are not all humans, some like Thais and Somali people are not ranking as human beings. Cause there is a definition that needs to be cleared out first and you Thais wont fit that definition, so you are not humans. You are monkey in the middle of evolution, you learned about money and now you are focused on that only, in 1000 years you will learn about science, technology, humanisme and how to treat foreigners and strangers like they were a friend you havent yet meet, not like a wallet you need to empty as soon as possible. But you Thais are years, decades and centuries away from learning this. My hopes for the future is to see the military take control and close all borders, isolate your dumb yard of a nation from the world and save some old farang mens lives. I went to Philippines after trying honestly to make a new life in Thailand and I found heaven there. Nobody asked me for money other than the street kids, my new family didnt ask me for anything, my wife has a job and makes her own money and only uses the sentence "not enough" as a joke because I told her about my time in Thailand. And the people in the Phillies dont walk around smiling like clowns. There is the place for a foreign white man to retire, cheaper, not greedy, not many living with HIV/AIDS like in Thailand, not many bargirls and gogo clubs. Its a Christian nation where god is important, not like Trashland where its the words of a fat, lazy and crazy person lying under a tree making up things as he went along in his narrowminded head. They call him Buddha, I call him an overweight, idiotic, selfcentered moron. But what we call him is not important, his actions speaks for himself. Jesus went out and cured the sick, helped the poor and tried to save the world. Buddha thought only about himself…
    In the Philippines I have found honesty, modesty, humor, people who speak and understand English as well as what is true and what is lie. There women have a realistic view of themselves, they were the first in Asia to have the right to vote, the women there are much more classy and taken serious. Who takes a Thai woman serious ??? not even her husband (Thai or farang) will do that. Dont marry these monkeys, dont reproduce with them and most importantly, dont trust their words for a second ! If your Thai says its tuesday, then go check ! Cause they will lie about everything and they dont even know themselves its a lie, cause they cant tell the difference ! Book your flight to another place than Trashland and dont worry if your brain says "I wonder what I missed out on", its not something good you missed out on so no worries. Have a go at Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Laos or my favorite place, the Philippines. But stay away from that black hole of greed and lies they call Thailand. Its not really a land, its a pirate community of half human, half monkey creatures all wanting a bite of you. Remember I told you it starts at the airport and isnt finished untill you leave ?
    If you think I am so full of shit and hate and nothing I wrote comes from a sane person then go, by all means go and remember to have your eyes open and bring your brain, then lets talk once you returned. You will see what I saw, cause the truth can be hidden, but can also be found if you search for it. And there is a no such thing as an educated Thaiwoman. Just like there is a no such thing as a flying penguin. I help kids in schools in the Philippines, I want to open an orphange one day and have a school where kids can live, learn, play, eat and sleep while getting the needed things for a brighter future, I am not a man of hate. But I do hate being taken for a fool, being played as a wallet and being told that "this is Thailand, not same as Europe" when its coming from a person who is Thai and who Europe wont accept coming here unless some man says "I'll pay everything and make this security deposit at foreign state department" – no Thai not even billionaires are welcome in my country unless somebody here says okay for them. I wish men would attain higher standards and look for foreign wives anywhere else than in Trashland. And you men out there wont find an equal partner in a Thai, imagine showing your Europe family this new wife ?! You think they will say "how lovely, a Thai" ??? Makes me laugh…No Thai should be taken serious, nor should the word of a Thai be listened to. They arent humans yet and the 1000 years it will take for them to attain this status will have killed everybody posting on this board, so screw them and leave them. But better never to go there in the first place….

  5. I know you dont want a person like me going to Trashland. Cause a person like me, raised with christian beliefs, taught to tell lies from truth and always question things that are too good to be true, is dangerous to your illusions. In my travels I meet many foreigners and talked to them, they all said what I was thinking. "this place is no good, but cheap" I remember one Swedish man I met in Khao San he said it spot on. "thank god I meet you Kent, finally somebody with brains I can talk to, I was going crazy with all this Thai crap" and I felt the same, such a relief having an educated, understanding, truth speaking human being to spend time with. I know the truth isnt welcome in Trashland, cause the truth about your land is really really ugly, and no amount of layers of makeup can cover that. You Thais make me laugh now, cause you make me feel good. When some people believe that what they are today is because of how they lived their earlier lives then tell me something….why am I having a great life in Scandinavia with all things covered and good income monthly, everything working and living in a real democracy ? must have been doing something right in my earlier lives eh ? and you Thais must have been rats pissing on somebodys food in your earlier lives….I cant help but feel good, this is what life is about. we need these primates so we can compare yourselves with them and see the truth….They are below us in every way, not on one issue do they stand out as better than Europeans or even better than their own Asian kind. he difference between a Thai and a Japanese person is enormous. Thais are primates still evolving, we need alot of patience with them and I honeslty think the reason they are on this earth is for the rest of us to see how bad things can go when you are born Thai.
    No words of a Thai can hurt me, its a hollow sound and nobody takes Thais serious. A Thai will say proud he or she is Thai, but the world will smile thinking "if that was me then I'd say I was from Vietnam rather than Thailand, what is there to be proud of by being Thai?" but Thais dont care what the world thinks, they only care for what the world can give them, even if they have to suck dick from 1000000 men. Nasty, slutty, unclean, poor, no brains, no language capacity, no understanding and in need of 100 kinds of makeup, skin cleaners, skin whitening products and more just to go out the door down to the local 7eleven. They are really ugly behind the makeup mask, and they are rotten inside their soulless bodies. Thais are a farce, its a race who nobody really likes if they are honest. Reason I am not welcome is because I used my freedom of speech and I have no fear of evil. And evil is Thai, to all you Thai pro people out there…Open your eyes, you dont need to admit to anyone you were wrong, just walk away and let the Thais get visited by africans and arabs. Thais dont like them, but they want money, so they fuck them anyway. The Thais I knew said they dont like black or dark skin man cause he looks dirty. Isnt that rascism in a nutshell ??? These monkeys can fuck but then after 2-3 times they are boring and not worth the money, the energy nor the feelings that may come to a man who feel his Thai is "so lovely". They are demons and when you are in Thailand you are in hell. Know that before you book flight !

  6. this was written by a Danish woman who worked there, I am Danish too and here in Denmark we are beginning to understand just what Thailand is…Hell, here goes…Thank you Andrew for writing this, I really hope more eyes will open. I wish that all of you who read this think again before visiting the Temple. I know it sounds awesome to have your picture taken with these amazing animals and it is, but the horror they go through for you to be able to have the picture is just not right. I have raised at least 20 cubs from the age of 3 weeks until they are handed over to the Thai-staff , at around the age of 4-5 months. I was a volunteer 2 times, once in 2008 and again in 2009, then I was lucky (I thought) to get a job. The Abbott put me in charge of the volunteer program, as the girl who was before me had left her job. Most volunteers who come through are there for the right reasons, the love of animals. Without them the animals will never have that, for the Thais the tigers are tools to get money.
    The tigers in particular get a lot of love and we try to enrich their lives as much as possible. Not a single Baht were given to us to use on the animals and the Thai staff don’t want toys and stuff in the cages because they have to clean it. No money is spend on the tigers, except for the money that is use for food. The medical care that are provided is a laugh. As it is a Buddhist Monastery they do not believe in putting animals to sleep as we do in the western world, they are left to suffer and die. Usually that means that the volunteers and foreign staff have to look at this poor animal desperately trying to ease any pain without any means to do so until it dies, it is very frustrating and not something you would like to see for yourself – it’s horrible and gets tears running.
    The tigers gets beaten, physical and mentally abuse is an everyday event, the Thais are terrified of the Tigers, it’s in their blood and they have no desire to learn from anyone, even if many have offered to come to the Temple and help. If a tiger misbehaves it will be taken back to its cage and then beaten…It can take hours before punishment comes and the Thai expect the animal to understand what it did wrong. Almost every day the cubs age 4-5 month do a little walk for tourists from Tiger Island to the gate and back, when they come to the gate it looks good that they walk without a lead and are all cute. Cute they are but the lead is on until the gate and the cats are scared with loud noises as banging on metal or broken wheel barrows, beaten, kicked and pulled by the tail to make them walk.
    Personally I have never seen any drugs being used on the tigers, without the vet Dr. Somchai present and being there for medical reasons.
    I lost a lot of faith in Buddhism and question how can people who should be kind and generous to all living creatures do this? I can only hope Karma will show its face soon. We did all we could and even if we feel very torn about leaving the animals behind we just couldn’t take it anymore and it was like banging your head against a concrete wall, just hurting every day. I was lucky to be there with Aasa and we had eachother to lean on and we could take up a fight together. We lost the big battle but we had small victories for the animals now and again. I am happy that Danish Travel Companies are closing down on the tours to the Tiger temple, Thailand I hope more will follow. Annika

  7. Thanks for the information Kent. I have been to Thailand also and you make a good point. Its not a safe country and not a good country. I have lost 3 friends there and all because of girls. I have Korean woman now and I am sorry I didnt go there in the first place. Thailand is discount land, you get low quality in every way. Also ur woman. Thanks for the posts Kent, and happy you moved on like me.

  8. Hey Kent I think you've had a bad ( or maybe more ) experience(s)in Thailand but may I ask you what kind of women did u met there?I can bet you've never date or had even a closer relation with an educated thai lady.The point is that you are frustrated,you have different points of view regarding religion and other issues but this doesn't mean you are right.Not all thai ladies but just a small percentage of them are like you described them.But you will never know this and I tell you why:cause you can't approach an educated thai lady – cause she don't need you.She can take care of herself,she's happy in Thailand without you, she don't need to beg for your "platinum" visa, so she will never will be so close to you and will never give you the opportunity to know the REAL "her", understand?
    I'm European too, but if you want to talk about greed,better say nothing….

  9. Thai women are sluts. Kent is right, the whole place is a greedy whore house. Falangs are less than 6% of the men using prostitues, rest are Thai men. They all want money after fucking and thats wether they are educated or not. In Thailand money is god, it dont matter how you made the money, just matters that you got them. Thai whore returning to her village after fucking for baths in Phuket will be respected, Thai who earned money through crime is respect. Its the money, Kent is right. Frustrated or not, he is right. Also right about their lack of moral and cruelty to animals. Its a hellhole on Earth. Thanks for standing up Kent !

  10. I have to agree with most of the comments here….

    I do enjoy Thailand as it has great golf courses, I have been going there for about 10 years. Lived on Ko samui for 6 months straight, had 2 thai girlfriends at different periods (from the bar – where-else).

    In short – they all lie.. my approach is I enjoy the sex and dont let too many feelings get in the way, short time and massage are cheap and the service if you find the right type of girl keeps me going back at least 2 to 3 times a year.

    If your white you are gonig to get fucked over there, so its better to stick to short time and if some bar girl starts to dribble she loves you in the ear, thats when you kick her out.


  11. Ok guys, is there anybody of you who went to Thailand for other reasons than sex,beach and massage?Yes, these women are part of the reality of Thai society but next time you visit this beautiful country try at least to take a look to the "invisible" side of Thai society.What you see whenever you travel in Thailand – bargirls,massage girls,their greed for your money ( even if their greed is ….let's say…justified..if we take a look at their social situation )- all these things affect your brain in a bad way…BUT…the invisible side for you is not accessible at all for many farang traveller.How many of you had a chance to join for a shorter or longer period a NORMAL thai family,to see what's going on there,what life and principles they have,what education they provide to their children and how hard they work to be able to provide this education…just to be sure that their children will have a normal job and won't be forced to sell their bodies?Anyway, European point of wiev is so rigid when we talk about this….Values and garbage exist everywhere but…let's try to see the values too,not only the garbage because if it comes to talk about garbage…..we have maybe too much in Europe

  12. Kent is just a disgruntled European with an elitist attitude towards anything outside his own culture. Is it fair to generalized this about Kent like the way he has denigrated every single person in Thailand? I think so. Kent chooses to blame the people of Thailand for his problems. I'm sorry Kent, if you walk into a strip joint and you pow pow(screw) a stripper and she cheats on you, what do you expect? The same could happen in European brothel. Thailand is a beautiful country with inexpensive and great tasting food. Go visit a few Temples and enjoy beach. There is a really nice restaurant in Bangkok that has a interesting and unique fish-foot cleansing pool where minnow size fish gently nibble away at the dead skin and debris on your feet.

  13. Yeah you're right. Its me who is all wrong. my girlfriend was a doctor in a public hospital, I spend my time with her, her family and her friends. I never been to a gogo bar, never visited a strip show. We went to temples, beaches and spend alot of time in bangkok. But of course its human nature, if you dont like the message then attack the messenger. I understand…
    One Thai had master degree in history, but he still thought thailand was on the allied side during ww2. Cause they cant admit defeat and dont want to loose face, then better to say a lie. Yes I see its me who is wrong, of course, why didnt I see this…because I am more stupid than a Thai I guess….You pro thai trash people make me sick, your characters should be the best in the world since you can all diagnose me, see what I was with in the past and since you know so much then how come you dont see the real Thailand ? I pity all you old, bald, big belly blue working simple men who thinks a thaiwoman will give you happiness. LOL, I'll let time show you what you fear I show you, so stay blind, think I'm the fool and live your god damn life ! I am not unhappy anymore, not angry, but I am disgusted by everything that is Thai – why ? Cause I opened my eyes !!!

  14. another thing is the food, its not that great and doesnt make you full. Its peter pan food. Like Thailand is one big brothel. and that restaurant you speak of is something that we'd close here due to health hazard. those fish that eat skin have eaten skin from 10000 people and the water you dip your feet in is clean ??? Its stupid people like you who go to thailand and dont see anything but the surface. Then you come online here and tell me that I am wrong ???
    I am so sorry I generalized everybody in Thailand, I meant to include all the Thais living outside Thailand as well. Maybe they are the worst since they got their ticket out of the hell hole. Even they didnt want to live there !!! So I take my words and I stand by them but will add – All thais – and all pro thai westerners, but they are stupid so dnt care much for them. We know them here as the men who need to buy their women. They are too old, fat, ugly, poor and/or nasty to get a woman in their own part of the world. They need 3rd world trash and then they call it erotic and beautiful. Its modern slavery and not something to be proud of. Fat fuckers !

  15. Kent has valid points, but proves he has been burned way to many times by thai women, and why not, as your opportunites are plentiful in Thailand as compared to the West. Western women do the same thing as Thai women, they lie cheat and steal. The difference is when a Thai woman does this, you drop your "bad situation" on Thai people and when a Western woman does this you drop it solely on the individual. I got sick in Thailand and had a girl I met there use her own money to bring me back to health. Wow? Yes, I was impressed. I do agree with Kent on some issues however, I just look at them differently as in why Thai women cheat and attain money differently than that of Western women. In the west, we can avoid these women because they read easy to us. We are familiar with western "entitlement". The Thai's don't show this "entitlement" the same way. Education is another thing, if you want educated Thai's go to Hua Hin not Issan farm lands where the girls travel to Phuket, Chaing Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok for the sex trade. Medical tourism is high in Thailand and it's not because the Thai's are stupid. Kent, was probably a sex tourist, no offense, and found grief with these "trailer park" girls as one normally will. If you like this, more power to you, just keep your heart out of it. There are great Thai people and some horrible Thai people, as there are in our own countries, pick out the individuals, not the whole country, otherwise you are the idiot. Check out my blog at there are other countries with the same problems not just thailand

  16. You come across as a downer. A dullard who pretends to take offense at "western generalizations of ____" and in turn generalizing western men. I'm baffled that you didn't see that before you posted this. You think that this will earn you the luxury of your hosts seeing you as culturally sensitive. You can stop posturing on a soap box because they don't respect you. They generalize you, too. They don't think of cultural imperialism, or socioeconomics, etc. They see you as different and they don't like you. Generalizing makes sense when you avoid scapegoats and acknowledge cultural norms. You're like the asshole who takes a women's studies course so that you can use feminist-sympathizing to score hole.

  17. Generalizing all Thais the way Kent has done is normal behavior when somebody like him go and think that the Thai woman is a better woman than the western woman. He pays for his stupidity now as you all do who have Thai women. I used to think all Thais are sluts or pimps, now I only think 99.9 % of them are. The 0.1 % who arent are the dying and the disabled. To go there to that place and look for a wife is lunacy. She will screw you in more than one way and some things written by Kent are well observed and in my opinion the truth about Thailand. I dont go to Thailand anymore, but did for years. Now its Korea for me, the women there are cleaner, smarter, most got money from work and the Korean man will not send his GF out to fuck foreigners. If you have a Thai then most likely you also support her husband. So said and dont care for the attacks on your character Kent, I'm sure you are a good person who had bad company in Thailand, but you know now what I've known for years. Congrats on getting enlightenment !

  18. Ooo, ouch. Kent.
    That sort of hurt, but i do see where your coming from.
    And i'm also a Thai girl. But i was in England for more then half my life.
    I dont agree with the whole 99.9% of Thai women being sluts.
    (And im not being biased, im actually honestly saying this)
    I think about.. 80% Of Thai's are gold diggers and are in it for the Visas.
    The 20% May be pretty hard to find.
    Let's just say.. Dont get seduced by the Thai ladies.
    Also dont get so seriously after a couple of weeks/months of knowing her.
    Having sex with them is a NO NO, unless you love her and she's not a secret slut.
    Having sex will give them a good excuse for you to take responsibility and marry her.
    But hey, there's still the 20% of Thai women that ain't so bad.
    If i had to be honest, am i one of the 20%? Or the 80%?
    I have no idea, because im still like a teen *cough*15*cough*…
    But im pretty sure im one of the 20%. I guess you didn't need to know that XD

  19. So, i knew now how some of you guys feel about my country and thai girls. What a sad thing that you will never see a "good parts" of it and you might not know what you have missed. All I know was that most thai people adore foreigners. For poor thai girls, they just hope for better lives no matter how old and fat those guys were. I feel sorry for them rather than looking down. For the pretty and educated thai girls, don't expect they will want to date with every European just because you have white skin and blue eyes. That's the truth.

  20. Kent has absorbed so much from philipino .. Forget him from this world, I as a Thai woman living and graduated abroad hate kind of people that call " Philipino " . Kent!! The way you say show obviously how good education you have , how narrow-minded, and ugly. You are lucky only one thing that you have doctor as you wife. Why don't you get some part of brain from her. Too much absorption from the philipine… :-p

  21. I hate philipine but I 've never complained them on website .. Mr . Kent (kick) drove me up , so sorry for othes… I feel sorry for developed Denmark country, really!!! Thai food such as Tom yum, Pad Thai and even a dessert like Sticky rice and mango hit top 10 good and healthy food in the world. Kent!!!! Don't you know this huh. OMG How poor, short , small brain you have.. Hey! Poor Kent guy , may I who come from developing country that you call Trashland teach a man like you who from developed country but have no brain. Every country man!! have both bad and good people, if only good people live in one country, I guess that country would be very boring. But if only bad people live in one country, that country would collape for long time ago. Ask your wife doctor, which part of brain can understand this issue that I said.. :-p

  22. I had an amazing relationship with a Thai woman in the UK, I know there are cheap Thai woman who just get married for the cash and nationality, I saw many of them, BUT they are not all like this, I can confirm. Just like 20% the girl above mentioned.

    I met this woman with such a beautiful soul and she was extremely generous … she saved my life actually :)

    The only slight problem is, the big sense of materialism(thinking that making money and having lots of properties is a high goal and source of happiness to reach in life), superstition, gossip with the Thai friends and being able to lie easily and hide things.

  23. They are very pretty, – think men have to be
    Careful and not be rules by their sex drives.
    Very dangerous and difficult.
    But sex is nice. But be careful

  24. hey kent! correct me if i'm wrong but i think you misspelled i believe it's supposed to say kunt no? you are such a narrow minded, obnoxious fool. not to mention a blatent racist. i don't care about your bad experiences or whatever reason you have to 'hate thailand'. just don't go there. i think it's safe to say that everybody would be happier. Whatever reasons you do have, are not valid to discriminate against every person from one country. i would love to know what country you are from so i can tell you what bad experiences ive had with your country. no doubt ive had them in some form. but im not going to generalise the whole country and say everyone there are bad people. just you! i probably won't ever be back here to read your reply but i have no doubt it will be just as ridiculous and foolish as your previous ones, so say what you like. i don't need idiots like you to try reassure me as to what people from another country are like. i just use my brain. but as the lady said before, maybe you should have that doctor supplement the brain you're missing. racists like you make me sick.

  25. People complain about Thailand but it's doing ok for it's self. I mean it's not up to European standards but a lot of Thai people I see have nice cars, clothes, local holidays etc. Do I agree with the way they live? Honestly no I don't, for me there are standards and morals that are held by everyone in the majority of the world that just are not followed here but as I said the locals are happy enough and it's not like Thailand is a threat to world security, so leave em to it!

  26. After reading some nasty comments on here I wanted to say my piece:

    Thailand is a beautiful Buddhist country with wonderful, good hearted (jai-dee) people, both men and women.

    Of course any society has examples of good and bad (Kent on this forum being one of the falung bad people) but most people in Thailand are good people and will treat you right based on one condition: You should be nice and respectful of them and try to understand them and they will do the same for you.

    If a Thai woman is in love with you and you are good to her she is unlikely to do you wrong.
    Of course she could be tempted by another or money – this happens in every country of the world but if you have love for each other it's not likely to happen.

    If you aren't sensitive enough to a woman's behaviour to realise what she truly thinks about you though, or you treat her badly or with a lack of respect then of course you should watch out.

    In that case I would say you only have yourself to blame and should spend more time in your life gettIng to know someone before giving your heart (and your money) away.

    Of course Thai women are unique and beautiful, but 90% they are the same as any other women. All you need to do is understand each other.

    To do that spend a lot of time in Thailand, eat the food, learn the language and see the countryside. After you know the country and the culture you can know the women and appreciate them more and find out if you are truly compatible.

  27. i had a thai gf that went as far as here buying me closes,phone and dinner only to get hit up for $300 a month she wanted,do they really believe every falang is so stupid!!! again face value

  28. 1 and many good things about thai women in my experience is they seem more sexual then i ever could belive,1 of my thai gf she is unbelievable,just like a secretary u see in the movies,they need and want love just like everybody else,maybe more,some of there childhood experiences r really bad,if u understand there lies r part of there culture and take face value u can have a wonderful sex partner for life and if u train her and tell her ur not made of money,u will have a great start

  29. Calm your hearts people! First off, there were so many responses I didnt read them all, but first off, Kent, watch an R rated movie of America. You would probably think the same thing about us, but stereotypes are harsh. Don't criticize the Thai for breaking up with yoi, because someone would probably break up with you anyways. Its life, accept everything and dont like in the past. Don't hate the Thais just because some of your friends married them and not you. And to all who are wondering, I have met completely honest, modest, and caring Thai girls. They are foreign exchange students in my school. No, I have never been to Thailand, but I know that not everyone is terrible. I am from America, want to criticize,me now?

  30. Calm your hearts people! First off, there were so many responses I didnt read them all, but first off, Kent, watch an R rated movie of America. You would probably think the same thing about us, but stereotypes are harsh. Don't criticize the Thai for breaking up with yoi, because someone would probably break up with you anyways. Its life, accept everything and dont like in the past. Don't hate the Thais just because some of your friends married them and not you. And to all who are wondering,I have metcompletely honest,modest, and caring Thai girls. They are foreign exchange students in my school. No, I have never been to Thailand, but I know that not everyone is terrible. I am from America, want to criticize,me now?

  31. I feel sad for those who have bad experiences with Thai women. But to insist, as a born and raised here. Thai Culture is one of the best Culture in the world. Woman from a good family. It has been taught well. I need to go back to that first familiar. This is complicated And uncomplicated at the same time. an uncomplicated is start from man or old man who need LOVE and they want evrything easy easy easy they start looking for woman they heard that thai woman is Take care of man make man feel like a king. (yes we do mostly all asian are same ) orther side they heard that thai woman are Greedy easy , so those poor guy they think that they will lucky .get the woman who EASY (they don't want to spend time because VISA will be Expire) and take care of them like a king . complicated start from here , a good woman will not marrid a stranger in a short time. Unless the bar girls. Or prostitution. if you marride with kind of woman What you expect from her they don't even respect their own dignity.
    We Thai people also hate this kide of woman. If you want a good woman you can looking for her at preschool school in the hospital or temple ,( i will not go too high like doctor or professor because those kind of woman they will not looking for farang on the street like you guy.)The woman with a profession of faith. (very important must have Career ) and spent a long time not just to see it, DON'T GO Pattaya and Patpong because i never see good woman go there ( i 35 year old never went there in my life) And asked again. Do not say that Thai women are bad. Just because you meet 5-6 a bar girls.

  32. Just LOL at Kent. I cant believe im responding to this jesus pumping hate filled douche but I am.
    He is wrong and bitter because his twisted expectations were not met. I love Thailand and understand much more about life than he does.
    Please dont come back Kent we wont miss you.
    U mad bro?

  33. A couple of years? I've been here for 25 years. Get some more time before you give advice, please.

  34. Dude, you're "lost" for a reason. You start ur little blog bitching about other blogs cause u the man, u got the answer to every situation, every experience that would ever come up re dating a thai girl. Fuckin priceless you douchebag.

    What a fckin hypocrite dumbfck u are.

    And instead of countering or even replying to others who post on ur blog (like most blog writers actually do), you sit on ur hands until you can criticize some guy who didn't really give a flyin fuck "when" your lame little blog was last dumped on.

    And Kent….you're just a ten time loser who never learned how to treat a woman. I love guys like you actually cause you open the field up to guys like me when we just need u to get ur lazy ass outta our way. Sad sad boy you are. God bless ur bleeding little heart.

  35. Many foreign people are alway cheated by Thai people that it is a smile land, kind heart and caring people but you guy are all been cheating. Thai people are good only from the out sided but not their spirit. They treat well to only rich people, educated people, good looking people or people from good contry only but for those who come from poor country like Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao they always look down on them. Many of them treat as slave in Thailand. Some Thais are cruel and money loving. I hope some day the truth will be reveal about how bad thai people are. I accept that there are good and bad people in one country but for Thai people always treat by foreigner that they are good while in fact it is not true. They good at pretending to be good and if you guys learn to observe that you will know the truth. Many Thai people are just as bad as many other countries people.

  36. i've been working in thailand around 5months now. i came here because thabs and thailand seemed interesting to me and i wanted to know and met with good thai people.
    But after 5 monts worked with thais i've found they are clever and kind sometimes they want to do good things. But their kindness is like "i don't do good things these days, so i should do this now for my good fortune!!". they seems like to do good thing is kinda tough task. me and one of my colleague was talking about nuclear disaster in japan there were still many people couldn't go back to their own home. i said "i feel bad for old people can't back to their home yet". and he said "it's ok they are gonna die soon because they are old". i really want to find good trustworthy thais but unfortunately my heart say need to stay away from them instead. now i'm wondering why i'm here and want to back to my country. is there a good trustworthy people in thailand?

  37. Please come back to thailand Kent come to phuket top team and i will personally kick your stupid arrogant ass you are the reason some thais hate falang you are also stupid which is why you were fucked over by thai women tourists like you make the rest of us look bad

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