Timor-Leste negotiating loan with the Chinese

Addendum: This from The Australian:

AN East Timorese government delegation led by Prime Minster Xanana Gusmao is in China looking for support for its bid for a major gas processing plant to be built in East Timor instead of Darwin.

Woodside Petroleum, part of the joint venture with Conoco Phillips, Shell and Osaka Gas to develop the billion-dollar Sunrise gas project, has ruled out East Timor for the site of the gas processing plant.

But East Timor's government said onshore development for the Greater Sunrise gasfield in East Timor could "transform' the impoverished nation.

From Macau Hub, which isn't usually the most reliable news source:

East Timor's Foreign Affairs Minister Zacarias da Costa has said that East Timor is negotiating a loan from China to fund the country's large infrastructure projects.

Minister da Costa also told Lusa that "China's interest in access Timorese oil resources" would also be discussed.

Of course.

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  1. There's no "free lunch" in this world but I'm sure China's is possibly more affordable than the West's.

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