Timorese police beat down civilian on Atauro island

How many Timorese police officers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, because they're all too busy beating the snot out of civilians.

This video was shot on Atauro island in November during Timor-Leste's first international sport-fishing competition. The competition was ironically part of the drive by Ramos-Horta et al to promote Timor-Leste as a country of peace, somewhere everyone should want to visit. Atauro island is about 25 kilometres off the coast of Dili. Timorese police officers beat this man down allegedly just because he held up a sign saying "Fishing Group from Maunroni Village".

There must be more to why they set upon this man, surely. Right? This can't have happened because he held up a sign. Right?! Regardless, no matter what the story is behind this attack, nothing can ever justify such behaviour by members of Timor-Leste's joke of a police force.

This video has surfaced fresh off the back of a Timorese police officer allegedly shooting to death a 25-year-old Timorese man during a fracas at a wedding in Dili. There are a few things that struck me about this video. Firstly, watch the imbecilic way the police officers try to subdue the man. How on earth can police officers like that be entrusted with guns?

Secondly, there are UNPOL officers in the background. They do nothing while the Timorese police officers swarm around one man. Come on, UNPOL. Haven't you been training these guys? We keep getting press releases about how successful the police handover has been thus far, and yet incidents like this keep cropping up.

At 1.15, am I right in thinking that one of the officers hits the man with the butt of a rifle?! The victim was armed with a piece of cardboard! Have any of these co-called protecters of the nation been punished, sent on indefinite leave or fired? Of course not.

I've seen for myself the way police in Dili deal do "crowd control". It's appalling. They use batons, fists and feet. How else can you label them except as animals? They are aggressive, thoughtless and reckless. Are you proud of your paramilitary force, Longuinhos?

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