Tin Pei Ling is such a bore

Singapore dissolved parliament yesterday and set May 7 as election day. International media has reported that the People's Action Party (PAP) faces its "toughest political challenge in decades", with rising discontent among the population a sign that the generally weak opposition parties might win a handful more seats. The opposition parties aren't going to win the election, obviously, but there is clearly an air of discontent among certain elements of the Singaporean population.

A lot of attention is still on the ridiculous story of Tin Pei Ling, the 27-year-old candidate PAP rolled out in an attempt to win over the country's youth. The plan has backfired somewhat because, let's face it, Tin Pei Ling is not a politician. She doesn't deserve to be in the position she is.

Good intentions and being nice aren't the kind of qualities that would usually win seats in a country's parliament, but Singapore is clearly no ordinary country. Perhaps slightly disturbed by the criticsm being levelled at her, Tin Pei Ling has come out and said she takes her criticism "seriously and humbly". Yawn. She has also reiterated that she can empathise with all Singaporeans. Double yawn.

Are people supposed to believe that this Kate Spade-loving princess can empathise with those in need because she once took six months out of her studies to work in her dad's coffee shop? Wow, what a tough life she's had. Hope someone can do a fundraiser to finally send her to Disneyland.

The thing about Tin Pei Ling is that all she ever appears to say is how much she understand Singaporeans — the old and the young — and how in tune with their needs she is. She doesn't know what those needs are, though. But she wants to help. Oh yes, she really wants to help.

Is the world being too harsh on this young fashionista? It will be difficult to say until she can actually come up with something of substance.

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