Twiterring the 'coup'

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This is the power of social media.

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5 thoughts on “Twiterring the 'coup'

  1. Wait, there's a coup? How come I never know these things? And to think I live in Bangkok. Mental note: must go out more. But if it's really a coup, maybe not. :-P

  2. There can surely be no doubt that Thais do not know what to do with democracy and are unable to understand the responsibilities that come with having that privilege. Politicians are routinely and inevitably corrupt. As soon as they come into power they become obsessed with their own power and instead of getting on and running the country for the benfit of the Thai people, immediately commence the vendettas and money-gathering. They are like small children and seriously need to do some growing up, yet the Thais just queue up to vote criminals and misfits into their government. It is just a joke; no wonder foreigners laugh at Thais.

    Populations get the governments they deserve. Thai politics will not change until there is a sea-change in Thai culture, or until there is a benevolent dictatorship (guess who), or until something entirely different happens. People in the North are increasingly talking more or less openly about that something quite different. Even when talking to foreigners, the word Bpa-ti-wat is increasingly being used in conversation. Don't know what it means though…

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