US Embassy breaks silence on Joe Gordon

A bit of background, from Huff Post:

Joe Gordon allegedly translated parts of an unauthorized biography of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and posted articles online that were deemed to have defamed the royal family.

Gordon was formally charged Thursday after being arrested in May and detained for the maximum 84 days that a suspect can be held without charge.

The American has denied the charges, according to the Thai-language news website, which tracks cases of lese majeste, as the crime of insulting the monarchy is known.

The 54-year-old Thai-born man lived in the U.S. state of Colorado for about 30 years before returning recently to Thailand, the website said.

And now this from the US Embassy in Bangkok:

The United States is disappointed by the prosecutor’s decision to file lese majeste charges against U.S. citizen Joe Gordon. We have discussed Mr. Gordon's case extensively with Thai authorities, stressing at every possible opportunity his rights as an American citizen. We urge the Thai authorities to ensure freedom of expression is respected and that Mr. Gordon, a U.S. citizen, receives fair treatment.

One Twitter user expressed doubt as to how much good the US Embassy's stance will do:

I don't like 112 and hope the law is changed soon. In meantime, US "meddling" in Gordon case will do more harm than good. He's (also) a Thai citizen and knew what he was doing. A US 'rescue' is exceptional. Better to let Jatuporn et al fight in court. As a taxpayer, I'd rather US channel resources to fixing health care (not LM) so Gordon wouldn't need to come to Thailand for medical care. That assumes that Gordon came to LOS for health (and not political) reasons. If political, can't see why US should get formally involved. Anyway, Gordon is a small diplomatic issue, if that. I'm much more interested in reds refusing immunity and fighting LM charges in court.

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