Website calls for investigation into flight OG269

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It’s been about eight months since the tragedy of One-Two-Go flight OG269. The latest development in that saga is an online petition that has surfaced with, at the time of writing, more than 4,500 digital signatures calling for Thailand’s prime minister to investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai, chairman of One-Two-Go.

There are some pretty strong allegations going around. From the website:

  • Mr Tantiprasongchai personally encouraged One-Two-Go and Orient Thai pilots to fly unsafe airplanes.
  • Mr Tantiprasongchai paid bonuses to One-Two-Go and Orient Thai pilots for exceeding legal maximum flying hours and encouraged other unsafe behaviors.
  • Mr Tantiprasongchai bribed Thai aviation authorities (the DCA) to overlook these improper activities.

While it wouldn’t surprise me if these are true, I suspect the same could be said of all Thailand’s budget airlines.

Perhaps the most disturbing snippet from the website is that the seats from the plane’s wreckage are alleged to be for sale around the island. I have yet to hear anything about this, but it’s certainly an odd thought.

There is some pretty damning evidence working against One-Two-Go. Take some time to read through the website and let me know what you think. The problem with this type of website is that it can all become a bit Zeitgeist, in that people immediately assume everything laid out for them is true. They then take these so-called “truths” and run with them.

I’m still surprised that people refuse to fly with One-Two-Go. I have as much faith in One-Two-Go as I do any of the budget airlines, yet every time I mention to someone that I might fly One-Two-Go, I receive a look of disbelief.

Is it only a matter of time before we see another air crash?

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5 thoughts on “Website calls for investigation into flight OG269

  1. Lost Boy,

    Thanks for writing about this effort. My brother was killed in the crash. I launched this petition when the Thai DCA declared the cause of the crash "unknown" yet "unavoidable" and stated that no one and no company would be held accountable. As someone wrote at the time: the mind boggles.

    Just to let your readers know, we are very careful about what we post and we are known to be a very trusted source for this crash. We believe the evidence posted on the site (flight rosters, maintenance malpractice and letters from Orient Thai pilots *before* the crash) speak volumes about the lack of safety from Orient Thai/One-Two-Go Airlines and the lack of competent oversight of the Thai DCA. We're very concerned for the safety of tourists, Thai passengers and UN troops.

    Check back again, there is proof as yet unposted.


  2. The European authorities are very keen in checking all carriers flying to European airports and I know that the carrier Phuket Air was banned from European airspace.

    Never heard of problems with Thai Airways while on the other hand Garuda is banned, together with all Indonesion carriers.

    I'm sure that when the DCA really would be incompetent and one could doubt any Thai carrier, also Thai Airways would be banned.

    On the other hand, even before the crash, my girlfriend was very reluctant to fly One-Two-Go.

    So, the claim that there was (is?) something wrong with One-Two-Go is correct I think, reading the evidence (althought a post on a forum by a anonymous pilot is not really convincing).

    To conclude that all Thai carriers are suspicious is not correct I think.

  3. Hello and good day,

    I and my friend were on 16.09.07 in this plane of One Two Go, we've done it with light injuries from the plane.
    However, we have not yet experienced the process and still have problems with the lawyers from the USA.
    If you know someone who also was in this plane or perhaps they themselves would be very pleased if you write us!

    my mail address:

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