What is law?

I'm still pondering this quote from Ramos-Horta.

"Not everything that is legal can support the national interest and the interests of the State."

It's a translated quote, so what he actually said may be slightly different, but it looks as if he saying it's OK to break domestic and international laws if it's in the "national interest". I put quotemarks around that as it's a vague term. Whose interest is really being protected?

What is happening? Is Indonesian bullying Timor-Leste or is Timor-Leste just too afraid of Indonesia? What would Indonesia really do if Timor-Leste's leaders started pushing for justice for the 100,000-plus lives that were lost during the Indo military occupation? Cut off supply of motorbike parts and red Fanta?

Regardless, you have to wonder what the point in any law is in Ramos-Horta's eyes. I haven't seen any good reasoning from Ramos-Horta as to why it's so important to protect those responsible for horrendous crimes in Timor-Leste.

He talks about friendship as if it's the people on the streets of Dili and Jakarta hanging out and sharing stories. It's not about the "people". It never has been.

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2 thoughts on “What is law?

  1. I see and how may they stridently 'press' these rights? Another 'cold war' (with possible periodic armed clashes) with the big 'Durian' next door?

    Face it, Timor-Leste has to deal with reality and that reality is that living side by side with one of the world's most populated countries next door that hasn't even begin to deal with their own flagrant abuses against its own.

    I think a better & more constructive way would be a collaborative partnership with local Human Rights agencies within Indonesia to address the pains of the past and hopefully in time build a better future together.

  2. But there is no reason why both countries could not work together to achieve justice. The relationship between the two countries should not get in the way of this.

    That's the UN's line. That's the line of organizations in Timor-Leste and Indonesia.

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