When the pressures of work appear in your dreams

I don't mind that my job is hard work, but I know that when aspects of my life start appearing in my dreams, it means that they are heavily weighing on my mind. How do people deal with high-pressure jobs?

My job isn't exactly high pressure, but it's given me an insight into the conditions that many people in the media work under. For what can be such a stressful job, working in the media is relatively low paid compared to other professions.

Recently, I've been having dreams about making mistakes at work. These dreams are the result of a combination of me actually making mistakes from time to time and me fearing making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, sure, but in print media there is a very real pressure to create a perfect end product.

My dreams usually center around me doing something mundane, not necessarily in the office, when all of a sudden my brain will receive a random ping that I misspelt a headline or turned a page upside down before it went to print. I wake up in a panic and then realize that I'm actually in my bedroom and everything is OK.

I used to have similar dreams when I worked in a bar because bar work can be hectic and frantic. I'd dream that I was serving a customer when all of a sudden I'd drop all the glasses I was carrying. Of course, I often did this in real life too, but there's nothing like a panic dream to shock you out of slumber.

Do any of you guys dream about your places of work? How do those dreams work out?

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4 thoughts on “When the pressures of work appear in your dreams

  1. I can TOTALLY relate…

    I used to have nightmares while I was still working in a MNC. I would wake up at 5AM, dreaming that I didn't make the deadlines or I'd have department managers knocking on my door, or my boss would realise that I didn't have the necessary skills to implement the project. Not being able to go back to sleep, I'd just head to work by 5.30, before the cleaners and the aircon was switched on!!!

    Lucky for me, I successfully completed the project and have since left the corporate world though I still wonder how I managed all that time.

  2. I'd suggest you take a up serious exercise regimen.

    Great way to relieve stress, and great way for you to get some perspective on your job.

    You don't actually have this much reason to be under pressure ;)

  3. I still have nightmares about overdued class projects. I always dream of waking up too late and forgetting to do an assignment and I usually realize just a few minutes before the class starts.

    I might be miserable from work from time to time but boy am I glad to wake up and see that I had already graduated.

  4. When the pressures of work appear in your dreams ? This question never arises in my job. In fact my dream come true when I got job in IT industry. Every persons is having some dreams but its not true that every time your dreams comes true. Never think that dreams can never become true. There is diffrence between dream and making castle in the air. Always dream that can be achieved. Making castle in the air can never become true. Before dreaming one should analyze the Dream Meanings . Each and every dream have their special meanings which is having great importance in person's life.

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