Whistles and clappers: A revolution this is not

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16 thoughts on “Whistles and clappers: A revolution this is not

  1. Finally, someone with a clear understanding and rational head that is doing some objective reporting. Sometimes its difficult for us 'outsiders' to figure out what this country is all about, and this is one situation where one see the total insanity of how things work here.

    But as they say, TIT.

  2. Are all these pics yours or have you lifted them from others? If they are from others you should cite your sources.

    If others have stolen them from you they should be citing you as the source.

    A simple statement like "The photos on this page were taken by the author" would further legitamise your writing and remind people to cite their sources as I have seen these images in a few other blogs.

  3. Thanks for this. I completely agree with you. Have these people actually did their research on this Suthep Thaugsuban? Have they wondered the powers that be behind this man? I can see dictatorship unfolding in this country, and yes, fascists to the core indeed.

  4. good comments, but dont quite hit the mark
    underneath Thailand is feudal society, with one of the most poorly educated, uncritical, brainwashed populace – not an autocracy but an idiocracy
    both sides are used by demagogues and a real reform/rev is needed

  5. Very well written article, thanks Matt.

    To me Thai politics is a school example of how democracy is not a guarantee for the best decisions or leadership. That being said, there is no easy solution here, the majority has chosen a Thaksin puppet before and would do it again. As you wrote, the current alternative certainly is no better so it's a very difficult choice between the least bad.

    These latest developments reaffirm my fear for what is about the happen to this country once H.M. The King would decease …

  6. I do agree with you Matt. more than 80% of my colleges support every demonstration lately. I really don't understand how much they get brainwashed this much. many of them get PhD from western countries. The director of the school and administrators close the school for couple time already to support the protest, even now. It is really old for me, I came back from the state to work for my country, To see this kind of environment, it really discourage to me. They complain about their workload, but they have time to design shutdown t-shirts, prepare food for the protesters, join every protests even though they are workdays.

  7. I just walked from my place,near victory monuments to see what's going on outside after keeping myself in the room and work for couples days. I'm glad to see many people that did not have anything to show they are protesters at least.

  8. Bit one-sided. What is your take on 2010 compared to the current protests?
    I tend to agree somewhat with the current protests. Change is needed AND it can NOT be done with new elections. But total non-communication to discuss is wrong. Clearly there are many ppl who want something and clearl there's someone or something blocking what they want.

  9. Your pictures…very nice to support your story line and pull some old sure fire shots. The old swastika is beating on a dead horse. Selfies…yes we know by now…yingluck? There are thousands of those from any Red-shirt protest. The tent-camp…sure..where people inside or is it all empty?

  10. I tend to agree with everything written here. You've focused on the current protests without talking about the Red shirts much. But I think it's important to consider that even if Suthep was to succeed in getting his unelected "people's council" implemented, all that would do is encourage the Red shirts to take to the streets again to oppose it. And this time they'd be justified in doing so. His solution is about as undemocratic as it gets.

  11. A simplistic and shallow summary. You have taken your stance ( which is your right ), but you have failed to delve into any reasons why these people are protesting.

    One of your claims "They don't want elections" is plainly inaccurate. You lost any credibility or impartiality at that point.

  12. Well written and ignore the moronic statements from the moronic Thai Visa posters above. Some people (mainly old white dudes who can never leave) would prefer to keep the poor in their place, they liked it better that way. Everything was cheaper for them ;)
    The arrogance on Suthep and his clueless mob is incredible. They are collectively too clueless to win an election so they chose not to fight in one. Cowards.

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