Who is Matt Crook?

Question markIt’s rare that you meet anyone with your name, but I do remember there being three of four people named Steve Smith in my secondary school. With the advent of Google and Yahoo you can now find just about anything, so I thought I’d find out what the other Matt Crooks in the world have been up to. Dave Gorman was the first person to really do something like this, and a mighty fine job he did of it too. So, Matt Crook, where in the world are you, or I?

The first Matt Crook I found had an encounter with a self-procalimed “marine, scholar, father, husband, marathon runner, flash cartoonist and computer nerd.” Apparently I stole his girlfriend. I should really apologise for that some time.

The last bit of the story ends with Sarah walking me out to my car. Again, it was surreal to be walking with her and she wanted to apologize again for all the pain she had caused. She wanted me to know that it was wrong of her to dump me, especially for Matt Crook (yes, that was his name) but that the relationship probably would have only survived a couple of more months since I was going into the Corps and she was going to college.

Yeah, she was going to college. Probably better off with me. This guy, who goes by the name of Captain Grose, seems to have done alright for himself as it is. He can run a marathon in under four hours. I’m yet to get my time shaved down that low.

In July of last year I played a spot of under-17s baseball for the Bingham Miners. Apparently I wasn’t very good.

In response to Matt Crook's hitting a one-out single in the bottom of the fifth, American Fork turned a double play to keep the Miners scoreless that inning.

Or does that mean I was good? Actually, I have no idea what that sentence means, but suffice to say my baseball career appears to have taken a nosedive since that one match.

In 2005 I flourished as an American football player in high school, for the Frisco ISD Titans no less.

The Titan football program had its ups and downs this year. Even though Coach Mark Howard’s team finished seventh this season, the average margin of defeat in each game was less than 10 points with the exception of Hebron. Last season the average margin of defeat was 27 points. Thus, I see improvement! Leaders on this year’s squad included: Matt Crook, Logan Kirby, Brandon Wood, Brandon Harrison, and Aaron Jones. With 25 returning lettermen including two young quarterbacks, the future looks bright.

I was a leader, and I had two teammates named Brandon. What more could you ask for? Not content with just running the football fields, I even tried my dab hand at some wrestling in 2006. In a match against the “Centennial boys” I took on a guy with the curious name of Raccoon.

The Centennial and Frisco boys teams also sent representatives to state. Raccoon Jake Dykema was a state alternate after losing to Titan Matt Crook in the 189-pound division at regionals. Crook, Isiah Ortega (119), and Josh Spicer (215) all made the trek to Austin for Centennial. Crook became the first-ever CHS male wrestling medalist with his fifth-place finish at the state meet.

I won a medal for coming fifth. All those years watching Bret Hart must have paid off. There must be more to life than sports though. I found one Matt Crook who has devoted his life to helping others, so to speak. I’m a facilitator for a UK based group called MotivAction.

Matt Crook: Matt has more than 8 years of practical know-how as both Instructor and Facilitator in the UK and internationally. He is experienced in all of The MotivAction Group’s experiential events and has delivered to thousands of clients. Matt is something of a training guru; having both patience and enthusiasm to burn.

It seems that Matt Crooks around the world are working for the benefit of the greater good. Commendable. Trying to find out what the MotivAction group actually did presented me with various pie charts and diagrams. “We combine our understanding of human motivation with practical experience to design and implement programmes that deliver measurable outcomes, change culture, engage people, boost performance and bring brands to life.” That could mean almost anything. They have a team of almost 200 people whose job is “inspiring people”.

One website had the header Life as a Crook. Indeed, there I am, Matt Crook, a marketing major at the University of Oklahoma.

Hey, my name is Matt Crook. I will share with you a little of my own life past and present. First of all, I was born in Tulsa, OK on January 6th 1986. My parents are Mark and Andrea Crook and I have three brothers Joseph, Andrew, and Jordan. We are all 2 years apart. I am the third oldest. I kind of have an obsession with cars (especially MUSTANGS!!) and also music.

I didn’t have much more to say for myself except that, but there was a link to a MySpace. Normally I would be skeptical of a person whose favourite movie is Dumb and Dumber, but as this person has my name I should give him the benefit of the doubt.

MySpace has its fair share of Matt Crooks. Another one I found belonged to a 34-year-old single father who likes to play guitar. I’m just a straight up guy from Michigan who likes to cook and listen to rock music. I think I’d hang out with this guy, he seems pretty straight forward.

Through MySpace I also found out that I’m in the band Last Year's Heroes. Doesn’t look like we’ve made it big yet, but in 2005 we opened for Allister and the Plain White T's.

Well, I'm pretty sure my name's Matt Crook. I'm a freshman at Gonzaga this year. I like hanging out with my friends, even though we never really even do anything, and people who don't know us think we're retarded since almost everything we say is an inside joke.

I’m also a fan of inside jokes, so this kid is alright in my book. Better still, I’m also an executive producer of television programmes, according to IMDB. My selected filmography includes the TV shows Dial a Mum, Scoop! The Greatest Tabloid Headlines, and Movie Mistakes Uncovered: Uncut. Looks like I haven’t actually made it onto any films yet, but I am the owner of Crook Productions and have been working for the BBC and Channel 4.

Other Matt Crook’s have had equally exciting lives.

"It's our people who make the difference." Matt Crook, Co-Owner.

Here I am as the co-owner of Service Auto Glass.

Matt Crook took his first step into the world of auto glass in 1991 when he worked as an installer part time to help pay his way through college. After graduating from Utah State University with degrees in finance and marketing, that job helped pay his wife¹s way through graduate school at Brigham Young University, where she earned her Master¹s degree in Organizational Behavior. They moved to Phoenix and together opened Service Auto Glass in 1997. Matt applies to his business the values he learned as a boy growing up on a Wyoming dairy farm: honesty, integrity, dependability, fairness, and good old-fashioned common sense. Whether he is conversing with his clients or his staff, he believes in treating others how he would like to be treated: respectfully. Says Crook,

A good, honest Crook. I’m even listed as someone’s hero on MySpace. On Wizards.com there is an adventure written by my good self.

Seeking Scarlet Glory by Matt Crook
The apprentice of your good friend, Wizard Kevis, has discovered a possible location of ancient treasures in an old manuscript dating back to the time of the Great Suel Migration. Do you have the skill and courage to seek the storehouse? A Yeomanry regional adventure for APLs 2-8, and a loose follow up to YEO5-05 Into the Scarlet Flames.
Note: This adventure will be of particular interest to members of the Academy of Lore.

I’m not yet a member of the Academy of Lore, but I am friends with Wizard Kevis. I’m meeting up with him tomorrow for another adventure. Can’t wait.

So there you have it, Matt Crook, the global phenomenon.

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5 thoughts on “Who is Matt Crook?

  1. This sounds like the beginnings of a new organisation, called The Crooks. Kind of like the Masons but with everyone called Matt Crook.

  2. This is a great website, I can't believe someone has created a site dedicated to my (and I guess your) name. I'm a US Navy Officer currently at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. If you google "Matt Crook NPSCuL" the first 8 websites are about me and a project I've been working on recently. The 9th is your website. I'll definitely favorite your website.

    Thanks a million. -Matt Crook

  3. Hi Matt,

    John Koistinen-Lindgren aka John K Lindgren.

    Formerly known as John LINDGREN
    BUSINESS DAY TTO Thailand Time Out etc

    SEO not CEO is the reason I did this 'rebranding'

    google: john k lindgren and my famous Macau Bungy Jump article should pop up. Head first 233 fucking meters! No helmet. Helmet is only for wankers!

    Now I am ready for Everest.

    Maybe I'll do K2 first.

    Gimme a buzz…

    Ciao Bello

    John K Lindgren

    081 713 89 54

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