Why I removed a blog post yesterday

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As birthdays go, yesterday’s probably ranks as my worst to date. I figure I’ve got a few more left, so there’s plenty of room for improvement. Yesterday, however, was just one disaster after another. Dinner was particularly memorable. In between all the catastrophes, I had to remove this post. The last time I removed a post it caused an uproar, but this one was really out of my hands.

The problem with the post was that it was picked up by the MICT in Bangkok. The MICT then called me at work in Phuket and told me to remove it. It was actually one of the comments in the post that was the issue. The comment in question was about HmtK. I think this underlines how seriously bloggers in Thailand have to watch what they say.

The post itself was was only two days old, which shows you just how vigorously the Internet is monitored. It was my fault for letting the comment slip through. There are certain subjects that just cannot be addressed without serious repercussions.

If the MICT had called me out on any other topic then it would be another issue, but this is one thing that has to be respected, regardless of what people’s opinions are.

Has anyone else ever been contacted by the MICT about the content of a blog post?

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73 thoughts on “Why I removed a blog post yesterday

  1. this really has become rather a ridiculous thread; i was enjoying the debate, but then again, maybe some things just aren't to be discussed in such a country as thailand.

  2. I agree. This middle-aged farang is out of this one. Silly, very silly. I see the gentleman in question has taken to wearing different coloured jackets at every outing. Perhaps he is embarrassed by the image of fawning, obsequious and not-very-bright Thais taking his every move as a cue for some further ridiculous fashion trend. Who could blame him?

  3. So?

    At least, we don't go for minors like most western men do. I quite understand that your female ilk are a bit porky; that's why the men have to resort to pleasuring themselves with juveniles.

    Let's make it to 60, shall we?

  4. Sooksiam you ass, if we're going to follow moronic stereotypes (you say most western men are pedophiles and western women are fat) then I guess you must be a hooker, like most Thai women.

  5. Chill out, bro! I am just joking about. Don't be so uptight; otherwise you might suffer from severe constipation.

    I think there is nothing wrong with having sex for money providing that the action is between consenting adults.

    Oh, what a shame! It was already too late to apply for the job!

  6. Sooksiam, you have lost it. What was the rant about 'minors' all about? It didn't seem to be in context with any of the previous posts, though I note you have blogged elsewhere that you believe all westerners are paedophiles. You may also like to note the projections for obesity in Thailand is in line with western nations, but that the acceleration is higher. Walk around any street in Bangkok and see how many porky little Somchais and Nattaporns there are.

    Try to keep your rants on-topic, it makes for a better estimation of intellect, even if the national average among Thais is only 87. comparable with such well-known centres of genius as Lebanon, Western Samoa and Tonga.

    If I were you I would be a little less scornful of western cultures; they appear to beget rather smarter people.

  7. And?

    I was not the only person who started to rant about other subjects on here. In fact, I was not the first rogue who started to launch into a diatribe against anybody else; I thought it was you who did it.

    I must apologise for using such an inappropriate word with your male kind, despite the fact that many are so sicko. You cannot help associate them with sexual perverts, can you? According to my research, your species are into anything sexual and bizarre. It is just like they will do anything as long as they can find a hole. If you think I am making something out of proportion, you could, at least, explain to me why there are so many sexually perverted websites created by your ilk in cyberspace. I want to hear your clarification about it, please.

    I wonder how you get the idea about our fatty issue from, but surely we are not as chubby as you people. If you still disagree, would you like to bet? I am very surprised that you people manage to be obese, albeit your kind don't know how to cook; I am so weak-kneed with admiration. Here is the extract from the news:

    "Scotland is the second-fattest nation in the developed world, with only the United States having higher obesity levels, a report revealed yesterday."

    You can read more about this from here:

    I am not being scornful about anybody; I am just expressing my opinion like you do. Is that a problem?
    I thought you were born in such a civilised society, but how come you were not taught to respect cultural diversity. Does civilization mean "only your culture" then?

    You cannot force us to have an agreeable perception of you, and vice versa.

    C'mon! Let's make it to 60 comments.

  8. Well now. I have just been looking at the nation and Post about the horrid foreigners who serial raped and molested students as young as 6 years old. No wait! They were Thai! oh dear Sooksiam, what ever has happened to the genetically and culturally superior Thai? And they aren't the first either, this is not uncommon in Thailand – still, I suppose it is the wicked foreigner come to pervert the Thai culture huh? Why do you think Thailand is a haven for perverts and paedophiles? Would tolerance and a ready supply of adults ready to prostitute their children have anything to do with it? Would involvement by the wonderful 'Royal' Thai police force in the sex, gambling and organised crime industries have anything to do with that tolerance? Wakey wakey girl, western deviants come here because your wonderful moral and upright Thais have gone out of their way to make them welcome. I am afraid it id 'head out of bottom' time…

    On the matter of obesity, kindly read what I *actually* said instead of commenting on what you might wish I had said. Then refer to the projections for obesity in Thailand and not the actual rates, which (like everything else) are lagging about 40 years behind the West..

    I also doubt you are Thai, in fact I know you are not Thai. You are one of these sad 'stars in their eyes' foreigners who think all Thais are little angels and who haven't yet awakened to the fact that most Thais are lazy, stupid and incompetent. Your ability to live in a fantasy world and to ignore facts is very Thai-like though, so you have clearly been trying very hard.

    However, recall the average IQ in Thailand is 88. Are you dim enough to be Thai? Shall we vote?

  9. Anyway, it's a good story, whether or not it's true.

    You can say whatever you like; that's your opinion, mate, but where the evidence is.

    "Don’t you remember the case of Ian Huntly, a British paedophile who killed the little Holly and Jessica? The sicko did not use anybody to trick the girls; he did it himself."

    "It seems to me that the behaviour of your ilk tends to be much more sexually perverted than us. I wonder why? It is hard for me to comprehend this issue. Probably, it could be a genetic disorder of that individual person. Thank God that paedophilia is not a communicable disease; otherwise these mentally unwell people could pass it on to us.

    If you are not content with the fact that the Thai authorities are trying to combat this cancer of foreign paedophiles, maybe you should launch a complaint to stop the Thais from tackling this issue; or else you might be elated to let these freaks carry on screwing our kids.

    Alternatively, you could just do research, with a fair and balanced mind, about the number of local and foreign paedophiles in the country. You might find some interesting facts."

    "Medical research or scientific evidence might not support my claims of your ilk of being extreme sexual perverts, but the internet could help you unlock the myth of this story. Why are there so many sexually obscene, crude, vulgar materials created and posted by Caucasian men on the web? I am just very curious and saddened. Maybe, you should search “child porn, Scat, fisting, BDSM and other weird stuff on the web. Not only will your findings surprise you, it also will shock you, but I am sure you may enjoy these things; it is just the way you people do things sexually."

    On the matter of obesity, I stand by the statement I made earlier – you people are genetically fat. It is not your fault; you were just born that way.

    Who Let The little piggy's Out! oui oui oui!

    Thais are surely lazy, but also happy. They don't think they are better than anybody else either. That's why they mind their own business, unlike somebody who cannot stop sticking his snoot into other people's business.

    Maybe, I should stop winding him up now, otherwise he might find an excuse to invade Thailand. That's what his ancestor often did in the past.

    Recently, where is the weapon of mass destrcution.! I see only a beach whale here!


    Are we really going to make it to 70 comments? I am bored.

  10. I'm not stepping into the argument here, but this was an interesting story:

    BANGKOK (Nation, Kom Chad Luek, TNA): Chalerm Phromlert, who was Phuket Governor from 1987 to 1991, was sent to Pathum Thani Prison yesterday after the Supreme Court upheld his 36-year jail sentence for multiple counts of statutory rape.

    Judge Samart Ardnarong handed down the verdict against Chalerm, who was accused of having sex with four schoolgirls aged between 13 and 16 at a motel in a Bangkok suburb from November 2000 to January 2001.

  11. This is one of the cases I was talking about. Sure am glad there aren't any perverted paedophile Thais eh?

    I don't know, sometimes this Sooksiam character is too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I know it is mean of me but there is a level of stupidity which is offensive and almost demands a demolition job. Check these out from her most recent cloddish post:

    Para 1: what is a good story Sooksiam? You appear to be rambling. Even in the 1st para.

    para 2: 'where the evidence is'? What does that mean? What evidence are you muttering about? Is that really good English anyway? What does it all mean?

    Para 3: So Ian Huntley tricked the girl himself? OK. And this proves that Thais don"t pimp their daughters (and other people's daughhters) how? Jut an irrelevant diversion to distract attention from the core point you don't seem to like.

    Para 4: Yes, I believe you do find it difficult to comprehend. I believe you probably find many things difficult to comprehend. Are you really saying that you think Thai paedophiles are the victims of some kind of infection from wicked foreigners? Interesting line of thought. I suppose evidence is out of the question? Thought so.

    Para 5: You state the factoid that Thai authorities are trying to stamp out paedophilia? I see. Forgive me for this, but they don't actually seem to be doing a very good job do they? Odd how Thais never seem to be able to make a good job of anything.

    Para 6: You carefully craft the paragraph to imply there is some evidence there to be discovered, and that you know what it is. Obviously a lie since by definition there are no more than estimates of the number of foreign paedophiles in any society, and Thais are notoriously unable to cope with any kind of government action that involves anything more than talking, wishful thinking and some pretty furious mutual mental masturbation. What evidence Sooksiam? What 'research'. Do tell…

    Para 7: I see. So medical science and scientific evidence don't support what you say but you aren't going to stop saying it anyway – right? I think I made a mistake earlier. I think you may indeed be Thai. You would certainly qualify to be one on the basis of observable intelligence. You also seem very fluent in the language of perversion Sooksiam. Why is that?

    Para 8: 'genetically fat'? I see. What is the 'fat' gene Sooksiam? I think you will find nutritionists concur that most obesity is due to the consumption of too much food and is not genetic. Now stupidity on the other hand – that *may* be genetic.

    Para 9: Not sure what that means, could you explain?

    Para 10: Yep. Thais are certainly lazy and are very happy to remain lazy. They are also incompetent and mostly stupid, for which their culture and education system must claim most of the responsibility. But you are quite wrong about not considering themselves to be better than foreigners, Thais certainly consider themselves culturally, morally (laugh) and genetically better than other races. Have you never heard of a Thai hating Indians for being Indian? Or Afro-caribbeans for being – well, black? Or indeed, foreigners for being, well, foreign? How are things in your delightful but somewhat remote and odd little world Sooksiam?

    Paras 11,12 and 13: Not sure I can make head or tail of this Sooksiam. Invasion? Ancestors? Weapons of mass destruction? Whales? May I please half half a pound of whatever it is that you are smoking? In any event, I think you will find that every time Thailand has been invaded, the Thais got their asses roundly kicked. Having kicked Thai asses from breakfast to bedtime, the invaders went off home again; something Thais get all proud and puffed up about. What they should really ask is why the invaders didn't find any worthwhile reason to stay. Perhaps the prospect of living among Thais with bleeding noses and bandages on their bottoms was just too awful.

    Final para: A small spelling error. I think you will find it is spelt B-O-R-I-N-G.

    *yawn* Like I said. Too easy. Over and out from me on this thread, I never did like filibusters.

  12. Before I carry on articulating my opinion on this futile argument, I would love you to read some interesting extracts that I happened to come across on the internet. Here they are:

    “Mr Freeman, described as a keen bodybuilder and computer expert, fled the US months after his daughter made allegations that he had assaulted her four years earlier.

    She appeared on the TV show America's Most Wanted to talk about the case.

    Tips to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children after the programme helped identify the girl as the victim in a series of child pornography videos, according to the US Marshals Service.

    The footage is among the most widely downloaded child pornography videos in recent years, officials said.”

    Taken from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/6618281.stm

    Now, can you find a single Thai man who produces and publicises this sort of horrible material on the internet?

    I’ve got more interesting news for you to digest. Here is the extract:

    “Two babysitters have been jailed for raping a 12-week-old baby girl and taking pictures of the abuse.”

    “Webster also admitted a separate charge of indecently assaulting a 14-year-old girl and seven offences of possessing child abuse images.”

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bucks/herts/4599524.stm

    There is more of this awful behaviour of your kind. You can read some more as follows:

    “He drove her to his Newport flat where he was living after being released early from a three-year sentence for indecently assaulting a girl aged six. There she was sexually assaulted.

    She was only found by police hours later in Wiltshire, after a car chase prompted by Sweeney having no lights on his car and jumping red lights.”

    Here is where I found this news from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/5073486.stm

    What is this type of behaviour all about then? There, surely, are child molesters in every society. Still, how come there are so many in western societies? It could be a genetic disorder or a common problem in your civilised nation then.

    Back to the latest news:

    “Robert Stewart, 51, admitted a sexually aggravated breach of the peace by conducting himself in a disorderly manner and simulating sex.”

    “Mr Stewart was caught in the act with his bicycle by cleaners in his bedroom at the Aberley House Hostel in Ayr.”

    Taken from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/glasgow_and_west/7095134.stm

    I am not blaming all extremely odd sexual practice on you people, despite that many of you might enjoy it a lot, but when I come across something like this on the news, what perception do you want me to have about you lot then? Should I call this “common”?

    There are quite a few peculiar words in your language. Some are quite exciting to talk about. Someone said “words explain the status of that society” I totally agree with this remark. The words I would like to talk about are coprophilia, urolagnia and necrophilia. Now, can anybody enlighten me why there are these sorts of words in your language and dictionary? If these things had not been sexually practiced by your ilk, they should not have been in your language in the first place. I bet these things could be social phenomena in a certain English speaking country. To me, I cannot find a way to translate them into Thai as we do not do these things. So, I don’t know.

    You people might not pimp your children for sex, maybe or maybe not, who knows? But one thing I am certain about is that your type might indirectly support “deeply intimate relationships within the family” I know what the word is, but I am not going there as it is just too gross to mention. You can also search “this practice” on the internet. I wonder how on earth your society allows “this thing” to be published on the World Wide Web. Has freedom of expression gone wide again?

    So, before sneaking your nose into other people’s business and expressing your righteousness on anything that is barely related to you, please make sure to look into the perverted life of your nation first.

    Oh! Please, don’t forget to find a single Thai guy who goes around the globe and sexually abuses kids worldwide, like your male kind like to do, before condemning other people.

    So, next time, when you have an urge to give us advice, please remember that we don’t want to hear guidance from those who are perverted.

    Enough said, but if you want to carry on, it is up to you. Good luck matey.

  13. Well I was going to leave it but then you came up with the above remarkable post. I am deeply sorry that you feel so empty, so futile and so bereft of the good things in life that you need to trawl the internet for the soft underbelly of civilisation at the margins.

    I bow unreservedly to your obviously greater knowledge (and perhaps experience) of the preverse and deviant, this is a part of life (a bit like good old Thai Patpong I suppose) that does not have quite the fascination for me as it appears to have for you. I suspect you were probably abused yourself, perhaps by one of those wicked farang you seem to have such a phobia about. If I am right, you can contact me privately, I know of several therapists who could probably make you feel better, more… whole. More… clean.

    I don't know (and could probably never know) what's been going on inside your head Sooksiam. Perhaps you need to do some introspection. Perhaps you need to look deep down inside yourself… explore the very essence of who you are… and I don't know if you'll notice… just how empty you are, deep inside yourself… so alone, so lonely. And when you explore that place, you only find memories of your failures, frustrations and missed dreams… To the point where you ask yourself… this is it? This is what I've been living for? What an empty life! These things you do, like searching so hard for porn and deviance on the internet… your life in general… probably amuse you for a little while, but they obviously fail to address that deep longing inside you… that deep, painful emptiness you remember so very well. That's why you need to find someone to hurt. To go against. To make you feel better about your prurient interest in the degradation of others, to always find someone else to blame for the wreckage you feel inside.

    And now, I must be gone, to attend to the many details of my successful and fulfilling life. Have a nice day Sooksiam, I know how much you need… at least one… nice day.

  14. sooksiam you really are something. Here are some questions for you to ponder:

    1 – Which country was for many years known as the world's sex capital?
    A – Thailand

    2 – Which country used to actively promote sex tourism and has done for many decades?
    A – Thailand

    3 – Why are there so many whore-mongering foreigners and perverts in Thailand?

    A – Coz they seem normal in Thailand and can satisfy there desires with great ease (Thai men have been boning their young daughters for hundreds of years, common practice). One of the earliest written accounts of foreign sailors on Thai shores mentions that on befriending the local headman he was offered his wife for sex, for the duration of his stay in Thailand – nice.

    5 – Sooksiam, if you are Thai (and I doubt it) then have you been abroad? If you have, then have you ever been hassled by local men trying to sell you their women for no holds barred sex, even under-age?

    A – I have experienced this, but only in Thailand.

    6 – Whenever a pedophile is on the run internationally where does he go? UK? US? Australia? NZ?

    A – Thailand. Coincidence? Not likely, who would notice another child abuser in Thailand? They just blend in with the background.

  15. Oh, and another thing. Foreign countries haven't been trying to invade you for centuries, no one ever thought it worthwhile. I think what you mean is that foreign countries have on occasion given you a good kicking to keep you (if you're Thai) in check every now and then and keep avenues of commerce open.

    The Burmese have defended themselves on more occasions than they have attacked, but then Thais don't like to talk about that ugly truth. And there Khmyers (spelling?) played up a bit after you stole their country.

    In fact the only country to want to steal your country was your dear friends the Japanese, with whom you allied with during WWII (until you realised that they were no longer winning and quickly tried to jump ship).

    But if you're Thai then I guess this is all just phooey to you as you will have been "told" (not taught) that Thailand is perfect in every way and is always the victim and never put a foot wrong etc etc etc

  16. Sweetheart, you can say whatever you like. But as long as you cannot find a single piece of evidence to support your claims, your statement is, in fact, just mindless nonsense. So, please clarify your mentioning about me “having those experiences” that I said in my previous comment. Where is your convincing evidence? Everybody who knows English and is able to read will come across your fabulously perverted words in your language in one way or another, because they are so commonly practiced. That’s why the words are ubiquitous.

    You are making an assumption about me again. My dear, you don’t even know me but suddenly you made a judgemental statement about me again. If you are a man, that I am beginning to doubt, you should know that all men do “sexually abuse themselves”. Have you never masturbated?

    I think the person who needs to see a psychiatrist is you, not me. If you still have a bit of brain left, you must know that I did not come to you first. Maybe you are suffering from amnesia. If I have a phobia about foreigners, I think I am not the only one. I know what your problem is; you hate Thai people because you just cannot handle the pressure to live in a country which has many different aspects from your society. I bet they forced you to come here, didn’t they? If you cannot cope with everything here, you know where the airport is, don’t you? Writing a diatribe against Thais is just another way to release your homesick sadness on a regular basis. So, before rambling on about me, you should at least find something to verify your hypothesis.

    I don’t think I am the first person who goes around degrading others. You seem to be doing quite well actually. Another problem with you is that you have no respect for other people, even though they are people who allowed you to come to stay in their “house”. That’s the fact.

    Now, you are running away from reality. That’s so typical of a coward who cannot deal with the facts.


    Well, someone is trying to rescue you. Let’s have a nice chat with this person, shall we?

    I think I have made this statement many times before: I don’t mind prostitution in Thailand, as long as the action is between consenting adults; and the places where they conduct the job is in a specifically controlled environment. To me, I want to see this practice legalised someday. I really hope so.

    People have the choice to do whatever they like, even being a hooker. I have no problem with it. It is their choice. They don’t really need to. They can find another job to do. If they want to screw up their lives, it is none of my business.

    We welcome everybody to the country if they are sane, insane or perverted, but mostly we do not know in the first place whether that person is a sexually convicted criminal or not. Some foreign sexual perverts have never molested children in their own country. So, how are we going to find out about their sicko minds before letting them into the country?

    You keep throwing many allegations about us, like your friend did, without any reliable evidence. So, your claims are actually futile.

    I agree with you that those who sell children for sex are horrible, and it actually happens in Thailand. I saw this many times, (and I did call the police). In a way, I do not think it is not much worse from western men who abused their own children, and posted the action on the internet, according to the link I have previously posted:


    I have been abroad. I might have not been hassled by people who wanted to sell their kids for sex, but I often came across people who verbally abuse me about my race, including spitting on me.

    Paedophiles go everywhere matey and they don’t have to come to Thailand. One way or another, they will find a way to screw children in their own countries, which they frequently do. The news from my previous comment verifies my statement.

    You might not have invaded other countries lately; apart from Iraq and Afghanistan, of course, but you people often bully other nations to get whatever you want. That’s civilised, is it? Your kind really seems to master this practice.

    By the way, I love Japanese people. They are very respectful people. That’s why we love everything about Japan.

  17. Why is masturbation abuse? Does masturbation leave long term damage? Get a good dictionary and an up to date thesaurus.
    Seeing as how you are responding to things I haven't said I can't be arsed to respond to most of what you have written. Clearly you have too much time on your hands.
    On the subject of assumptions you are making a few too, like assuming that I am living in that dump of a country. I am not. I was posted there for work for several years and couldn't wait to get out, never to return. You might have noticed on your trips abroad, if you had your eyes open, that in many parts of the world people are free to think and talk as they wish. Understandably Thais are not allowed this freedom. But if I choose to "hate" (your word) Thailand and its people (I don't)then that is my right.
    You assume that I am from a country that invaded Iraq. OK, thanks for that, but maybe you are wrong.
    You assume that I dislike "your" country because I couldn't fit in some how, wrong. I just don't like it, right! I can't stand your culture and I never feel relaxed in a country where people are constantly trying to steal from you or sell you something like sex. And I don't like the institutional racism that is endemic throughout Thailand.
    Bullying!!! Wow, and you're Thai? Just ask your less powerful neighbours about bullying (Laos, Burma, Cambodia). It's in your culture to stamp on anyone smaller than you and push people around when they are in need of help. Along with China Thailand is the biggest reason why nothing gets done about Burma, as you guys are happy to keep a nation of slaves on the doorstep for cheap labour and exploitation.
    Anyway, enough of this, life is too short to bicker with you. You think all foreign men are peedos and the women are fat (your words). And I think Thailand is a crock of shit with a crappy culture that is ruled by a monarch led military dictatorship. So there we go, we'll never agree so lets agree to disagree. Vive la republique!!!

  18. Hmmm. Well, this thread has certainly served to underline the extent to which Thais and Thai-o-philes everywhere are able to populate a little fantasy world all of their own. To the Thai of course, Thais culture and education is fine, upright and moral, and ironically I would agree that there are some good aspects to traditional Thai values. But nobody has been able to explain how or why it produces a people who are essentially dirty, incompetent, stupid and amoral. And uncaring of anyone except themselves.

    Only a fool could believe otherwise.

  19. Bedwyr, I am curious about your background. Like Sooksiam, you frequently come up with interesting intellectual tidbits but really manage to disappointment me on other occasions. Why does Thailand produce people who are "essentially dirty, incompetent, stupid and amoral"? BECAUSE THEIR F*CKIN' POOR, DUDE!!! You think everyone here consciously chooses to live in a cess pool? You think they choose to be incompetent and stupid? Let's face it, man, Thailand is a poor country. Ignorance is a result of lack of education, by definition. Not everyone is stupid here, but the country as a whole is simply poor. That is that.

    I was born in the USA, and we have a lot more dirty stupid people than Thailand (if you want to make such a gross judgment). But, then again, we have more people.

    Actually, Thais are some of the cleverest people I have ever seen. They make some of the most ingenious creations from our trash and hand-me-downs. I have seen street vendors make barbecue grill blowers from old vehicle radiator fans. I have seen vehicle reflectors made from old computer CD-Rs and compact discs. I have seen mopeds converted into "work trucks", and toilet paper passed as napkins. You may scoff at it as jerry-rigging, but, for as poor as Thailand is, I look at it as ingenious improvisation.

    As for producing "amoral" people, I assume you mean they lack morals. I do not think the Thais lack morals. I think their morals are just different from yours, whatever those morals may be. When I first got here, I used to get angry at all the blood-sucking touts, beggars, etc. that used to bother me because I am white and round-eyed. Just like the mosquitoes that bite me here every night, they can spot me even in the dark, and never let up. But walk a mile in their shoes, and maybe you would realize you would do the same if you only earned a few dollars a day.

    This morning I heard on the news a boy was sent to jail for petty theft, because his poor mother upcountry continued to nag him for money. I don't think trying to help your mother is "amoral" by any standards. If he had a Harvard degree and $250k/year job and was engaged in thievery, okay maybe you could call him amoral. But the guy has nothing in a country that has little, so what can he do? This kind of thing goes on all the time here. At least when the thieves steal from homes they leave some sort of religious gift/icon to apologize to the owners. Ridiculous? Yes, maybe to us Westerners but such a gesture indicates to me at least a modicum of morality, even for a thief.

    I think it is useless to harp on the monarchy. Monarchs have existed worldwide for centuries. If it works, why break it? Maybe you should learn at little bit about it before start talking trash? Why make fun of people who are proud to live in the country? If they want to wear yellow shirts on Monday what's it to you?

    Every country has their nationalist tendencies. As an American, I prefer to look inward rather than criticize Thailand. I live by the idea that we play the same game but in a different ballpark. To criticize Thailand is only criticizing their specific manifestations of our human tendencies. Thailand has the same problems America does ( or anywhere else humankind exists ). America has prostitution, gambling, corruption, pedophiles, morality issues, etc. We have false ideas about our national identity. One thing that really gets me miffed is all this negative talk about the Thai monarchy when, in fact, it is more respected than any European royal family could ever hope to accomplish. Now, much of it may be by royal decree but that's how royalty works.

    Even in America, we get caught up with whining about the Constitution, Founding Fathers, blah blah. The Constitution is just a paper. Action over words, in my book. And the Founding Fathers that wrote it are not gods, the are fallible humans just like the rest of us.

    And "the good old days" are no more holy or sacred than "nowadays". People were pissing and moaning over the same bullshit we are today.

    Same game, different ballpark.

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