Would you snort tanning spray to get an "uber tan"?

Apparently thousands of people in the UK have been snorting a new kind of tanning spray. When I say snorting, I mean, they've been taking it up their nose. I've never heard of anything like it. The product is called Ubertan and it's illegal to sell in the UK and now comes with a government warning because it might "stop your heart or damage your brain". I've never really understood the obsession people have with tanning. Here's a customer testimonial, reported by BBC:

Nicole Froggett, from Coventry, tried using sunbeds and spray tans but they didn't work for her.

"I'm very, very pale," she said. "It takes me a long time to tan if I'm on holiday.

"I'll have to probably use sunbeds before going away.

"I do prefer to be tanned it just makes you look healthier I think."

Her friend recommended Ubertan and the first time Nicole tried it she had some side effects.

"You feel a bit dizzy and you get a head rush like you've had your first cigarette of the day," she said.

"I started to feel sick, but it wore off after two hours."

Nicole bought Ubertan from her local tanning salon.

She is worried about the contents but will continue to use it until there's proof that it is unsafe.

The things people do to themselves. Read more on Ubertan Reviews, a small website I set up to collect news and info on what is turning out to be a rather controversial beauty product.

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